How to tell if a guy likes you at work

How To Tell If A Guy Likes You At Work?

How to tell if a guy likes you at work? If this the question that has driven you here then you are at the right place. Having a love relationship at your workplace and having it outside are the two different scenarios. At workplace it could be a little different. You have to honor your relationship and simultaneously you are abide by the workplace policy and rules.

It is pretty normal when you are at workplace and you find out the person you are having a crush on. When you comes to know about this, should you make the first move? If you are thinking about this, think again. It is not that simple. You don’t want to ask him if you are going to get a negative and after that you still have to work with him.

There is the biggest risk of getting rejected involved in moving forward without making any estimations about his feelings. When you are at your workplace, getting your feelings hurt may cost you your job also. The relationship flourishes like anything If everything works out perfectly because you both are together for most of the time. But if it doesn’t work out, things can go extremely difficult for the same reason.

At an office, there is a different environment regarding relationships. There are certain rules and policy regarding personal time and abiding relations. You do need to check the policy with your office. You shall chase him only when it is not causing any problem to your work. Otherwise you can keep it out of you workplace and strictly do your job at office.

Sometimes it would be difficult to know If a man likes you at work, than a man who likes you somewhere else. It is because of the set of rules that applies at workplaces. People can’t express there feelings freely when at office due to certain limitations. So is getting into a relationship with someone who you work with is not that obvious. But it happenes.

If you finally get your crush on someone and you want to start a relationship, does he feel the same for you? People sometimes avoids having relationship at workplace because if it ends it could impact their personal as well as professional life. Some people are possessive to reveal there personal feelings and they keeps their personal life separated from professional life. Your office may also have a policy that prohibits dating at the workplace, that’s an extra obstacle you have to cross.

Do your co-worker likes you? or he is just a good co-worker? or he just want to be you best friend? Getting sure about his feelings for you is a good way to move forward. But it is not easy to give sure answers of these questions without learning the traits of the male psychology. You need to be aware of him feelings before you take next step. It makes it a lot easier for you.

Sometimes it is easier to tell when he likes you and give clear signals but sometimes it is complicated. He may be hesitant to move forward as he may be thinking about the results if nothing works out. Or he may not know whether it is affection that brings you two together or it is just a call of your job.

If you’re wondering how to tell if a guy likes you at work, thankfully there are some signs with psychological values. These signs will give you the evidence to make your move. If you are moving in after considering these signs, you won’t be embarrassed while working with him even after getting a NO. Below I am stating every sign that could tell if your co-worker likes you or not.

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How to tell if a guy likes you at work? Check these 24 signs

1. He often comes to you

How to tell if a guy likes you at work

If you are wondering how to tell if a guy likes you at work, the first and obvious sign is that he will come to your desk many times a day for any reason. In your office, whether he sit just next to you or his desk is at a farthest possible distance from you, he will come to you often. He always have an excuse to come to your desk. It may be any official work or any thing which has nothing to do with your profession.

He may be just a person who wants to maintain social relation with everyone and you are getting him totally wrong. Here you need to observe if he is acting like this only to you. He likes you more than the other coworkers, if he comes to you more than others.

He may be attracted towards you and feeling the same way as you are. This is just one sign, you shouldn’t come to conclusion unless you check out other signs.

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2. You’ll find him always looking at you

It is another important sign which will tell if a guy likes you or not especially at your workplace. If he can’t keep his eyes away from you then he may be interested in you for more than just being a coworker. Sometimes openly and sometimes you may find him taking sneaking peeks at you.

When you are seating in your cubicle, he is watching you. During meetings, there will be many moments when you find him staring at you secretly. Sometimes when you catch him, he hold the eye contact with you and sometimes he’s not able to maintain eye contact. Meetings, presentation or any event in the office, he is always focusing on one thing in the room and that’s you.

He is so attracted towards you that he don’t even care about what’s happening in the room. He can’t keep his eyes off you. But it is not enough to start a relationship, you must look for other signs.

How to tell if a guy likes you at work

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3. He flirts with you

He is flirty with you. He wants to make you happy all the time. He used to crake jokes around you, sometimes inside jokes are also allowed. He may start calling you with nicknames such as babes, sweetheart, cutie etc. These are all signs that he is into you. If he keep telling joyful jokes and playful teasing you, he might be liking you and interested in you.

Work life is always boring and you can’t make anyone laugh with only work stuff. Little humor in the form of playful jokes is a nice way to break the ice. If he is trying to make you laugh then you don’t need to worry about, how to tell if a guy likes you at work?

We know that if he likes you, he will try his best to make you laugh. He will tell you jokes every time to make you laugh and when you laugh on his jokes, he enjoys watching you. He even flirts with you sometimes to see your reaction. He may trying to become a little naughty and sometimes crack some inside jokes. He used to notice if you like his jokes and flirty behavior, if you like them then it will be a go sign for him also.

4. How to tell if a guy likes you at work? He always wants to be around you

How to tell if a guy likes you at work

If he likes you and attracted towards you, he will always want to be around you and as close as possible. You may come to know that he is asking the boss to change his desk to come nearer to you. You might have found him sitting to your next in meetings and you didn’t bothered about but you need to recall if he was sitting next to you on every single occasion. If you notice, you will find him spending more time with you at office than any other coworker. He will often ask you for a ride to your home after office hours.

You may also find him at the places in office where he has nothing to do but you. Same way you may find him showing up at restaurant unexpectedly where you went for a meal with your friends. If he is working in a department different than yours and he is trying to switch to come to your department, could this be because of you? You need to check out it’s possibilities.

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5. He remembers every detail about you

When you both are taking interest in each other, both of you are sharing many things to each others. You would have told him about your likes, dislikes, your birthdate, etc. He listens to you very carefully every time and will keep in mind every detail you shared about yourself. He respect what you say, he notice your responses to different things and make his plans according to your suitability.

When you are with him, he gives complete attention to you. He always let you speak freely about yourself because he wants to know more of you and want to store that information in his mental directory. He never interrupts you and grab every little fact of your life.

He knows that you like coffee more than tea. He remembers every special day of your life, for example your birthday every year and surprises you with birthday present. He also remembers your favorite color while selecting any gift for you. He remembers your favorite breakfast and brings you often when you haven’t done it already.

If he is giving so much importance to you, it’s a clear sign that he likes you. He used to find similarities between both of your lives. If he takes good care of you and every aspect related with your life which means he likes you more than just a coworker.

How to tell if a guy likes you at work

6. He defend you

Males are naturally possessive and protective for their partner. He will guard you against all odds of life. It is inherent in the male biology to provide safety to his partner. This sentiment is known as hero instinct. He will also support you against all odds at the workplace. If he likes you, he cares for you. He will never let you fall into any problem.

This protective psychology (The Hero Instinct) is not only limited to protection from physical danger but it also includes fighting the negative emotions emerge during any relationship. His hero instinct defends you against any physical harm as well as any situation which may become a cause to dilute your happiness.

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7. You attracts his full attention

His complete attention is always on you. In office or outside. he want to spend more of this time with you. He listens to you very carefully and remembers every little detail about you. He support you in office. He always comes to your rescue when you need his help. He does it even at the loss of his own work. He always want to be around you. He is taking full interest in your workplace issues as well as your personal life. He deals with you in a more friendly manner than he deals with others.

8. He want to spend more time with you

He want to spend more time with you

If he likes you, he want to spend more time with you in the office as well as outside. During the office hours, he will often come to your desk to talk to you or he may ask you for lunch in a nearest restaurant within the office time. And after office hours, he will offer ride to your home. You may also find him at the places in office where he has nothing to do but you.

He may also be planning to hang out with you on weekends. He may be looking for a chance to ask you out for a long drive, a vacation, a movie or a live match. He will try to meet you out of the office as far as possible because of the policy limitations during the office time. You will find yourself spending most of your time with him alone in the office. If you observe how much time you spend alone with any of your coworker, he will be the winner. He may be trying to know more about you before asking you any forward.

You may find him always sitting next to your desk even though he belongs to a different department. He will feel nervous if you say him that you are planning to change your job in future. It would make him upset by having a thought of leaving you when he started to like you and want to spend more of his time with you. If you are wondering how to tell if a guy likes you at work, you need to watch for these little signs which will tell you a lot about his feelings for you.

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9. He wants to talk about your personal life

At a workplace, people usually talk about professional things. When they get a little closer, they start talking personal. If he is taking interest in your personal life, he must be liking you and wants to know more of you.

If that is the case, he will talk about your personal issues. He may ask you: does your family agree when you work till late at night? He may start conversation about asking your hobbies and may go ahead by asking about your relationship status. If he is interested to get involved in a relationship with you, he will ask you about your boyfriend. May be he want to be sure that you are available before he take any step forward.

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He want to get involved in your personal life. To be a part of your life, he want to know more about your personal space. If he is seeing a happy and long term relationship with you then he would be craving to know more of you.

He want to meet your family members and your friends. He want to know your likes and dislikes to check similarities in your lives. Knowing each other personally helps in checking the compatibility between the two. Personal talks are the first step in building personal relationships.

It is very rare when people talk about their personal lives in office. Most of the people want to keep their professional life separate from their personal lives. If you are wondering how to tell if a guy likes you at work, then you must observe which type of talks he is interested in with you. If he likes you then he will definitely go beyond the work related topics.

He want to spend more time with you

10. He is always ready to help you

You need to observe his reaction when you are asking for his help. He is busy in his own work but whenever you need his help, he drops his work and always ready for your call. He himself offers you to help you out in many things. When you are stuck with your timelines, he offers to help you out even by delaying his own work.

He gets you coffee many times and try to lighten the mood by starting conversations. He helps you in making photocopies when you are having other work to be done. He is also ready to help you in your personal issues. You can call him for any help anytime, he is always happy to help you.

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If you call for his help, he will drop his most important program to help you out. Wherever he may be but for you he will be available always. He will find a way to help you out by any means. From smallest thing to biggest thing, he will always try his best to prove himself useful for you.

There may be a chance that he is of a helping nature and he helps everyone in office. You need to keep an eye on him, if he is also available for others. He will be acting like this exclusively for you if he is having a special place for you in his heart. If a guy is leaving his own work to help you out, is a sign that he likes you. But if you are wondering how to tell if a guy likes you at work, you must check for other signs to make your first move.

11. He complements you

He praises you and the work you do. He always complements you for your work. You might have done a normal which anyone else could do but he see something special in you. May be he is doing this to impress you or you have a special place in his eyes.

Similarly he will start giving personal complements too. You may be just being as usual but he will observe every little detail of your personality. It could be your walking style, your smile, the way you talk or your sense of dressing. He might be having a close look on these things and complement you for each one because he likes everything about you.

You may also check how he talks about you when he has any conversation with others. If he gives complements to you even in front of others then it pretty strong sign that he is impressed by you.

12. How to tell if a guy likes you at work? He trying to look good for you

Most males don’t care how they look until they have a female to impress around them. You might have observed this change in him also. You can see his dressing sense changes as he comes to know you personally.

He might have started to dress better than the earlier. You might have seen him with a nice hairstyle done recently. He may also start smelling good. If he likes you and want you to like him as well, he will doo all these tricks to impress you. All these helps you to create a good image of him in your mind.

Males typically change their appearance first to impress a woman when they start liking her. He might have been working with women in the office since months or years but he never changed because he never felt this relationship opportunity before which he is feeling with you.

He might haven’t changed suddenly but over a period of time which you didn’t noticed. You can see the different in his appearance when you was introduced to him for the first time and the appearance he is having now. If you are wandering for the signs for how to tell if a guy likes you at work, you must check the change in his appearance. Impressing someone is the most common reason to get a makeover.

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13. He share his personal life with you

If he likes you, you may see him soon be telling you about his personal life. He might have have already been discussing about his personal issues with you. It could be his family matters. He will ask your opinion on his decisions related to his life. He may discuss his business plans with you and need your help on some issues.

Nobody share his personal life with his coworkers unless he trust them. He will trust you if he admires you and like you.

make your man to chase you like crazy

14. His special tone for you

Men uses a deeper and manly tone of voice when some personal involvement is there. A man wants to create his macho image in his woman’s heart. Same way women uses a softer tone to express a personal touch in their conversation. This way she wants to attract his man with her femininity.

These changes are a proof that some sort of personal interaction is present between the two. This is not much hard to notice, by noticing this simple thing you could get the answer for your worry: how to tell if a guy likes you at work? But checking for other signs is also a good way to move forward properly.

15. Other co-worker’s observation

How to tell if a guy likes you at work

Don’t you ever assume that your coworkers are only caring about their work in the office and they don’t observe what others are doing or planning in the office. They notice everything what is happening in the office. If you are observing your man’s body language for you, other coworkers are also watching the same.

You can ask other coworkers, what your man’s thinks about you? They will tell you what they are feeling. They might have observed his attraction toward you. They might have noticed that he started to complement you while talking with them. If your man has feelings about you, there is a strong chance that it is noticed by other coworkers.

Sometime it may happen when you ask any of your coworker about your man’s behavior toward you and that person tell you exactly the same what you feel yourself. So, it can be seen as a confirmation of your feelings. If you are wandering how to tell if a guy likes you at work, this is a strong sign but you need to check for other signs also.

16. How to tell if a guy likes you at work? His body language says it all

By noticing his body language, you can find out the answer of your question: how to tell if a guy likes you at work?

Nicholas Sparks said “It’s actions, not words, that matter”.

Not all people are verbally expressive enough to share everything what they feel. Body language plays an important role here to know what’s in there heart. By observing someone’s body language closely, you can find out the real feeling he is having for you.

He may be a little shy about his feelings and trying to hide something but he won’t be able to control his body language. How he look into your eyes isn’t the same as everyone else which makes a lot of difference. His tone while talking to you tells a lot. If he is attracted to you, he can’t get his eyes off you. Even if his eyes wander while looking at you, he may be a little shy but he still is interested.

If he tries to talk fast with you or he seems to be hyper/excited when he is around you, you need to check his body language when he is with other coworkers. If he is being calm and normal while talking to others it means he might be feeling nervous while talking to you. This may be because he likes you and want to impress you.

You need to observe the emotional as well as physical aspects of body language. How he make you feel while touching? How deep he goes while having conversation with you? While communicating with him, you get many clues from his body language which are far important than the words coming out of his mouth. You just need to scrutinize them carefully.

It needs your attention and time but when you start to understand his body language, it will become easy for you to determine his feelings for you. And when it happens you won’t be wondering any more about how to tell if a guy likes you at work?

17. He wants to make you happy

How to tell if a guy likes you at work - He wants to make you happy

He wants to make you happy all the time. He used to crake jokes around you. Workplace is boring place filled tension of deadlines and targets. He try to lighten your mood by creating a joyful environment around you. He wants to make you comfortable even at the office.

He sometime doing little teasing and flirting with you to give you a personal feeling. Work life is always boring and you need personal touch to make it happening and joyful.

18. How to tell if a guy likes you at work? He feels jealous about you

Jealousy is a natural feeling inherent in human beings. He will feel jealous when he see the chance of losing your relationship. It apply in love relations the most than any other relationship. He may feel jealous when you name another guy and give him more importance.

At a workplace, he may be liking you but unable to express himself. If that other guy is also in your office and you two are talking or smiling together, In that situation, your special one may get jealous and he may approach you to interrupt your conversation.

He may not express his jealousy but his actions and behavior speaks louder than his words. He may feel jealous when you tell him that you are going out for a movie with someone else. If you are wondering, how to tell if a guy likes you at work? Observing jealousy in his behavior is a good way. You need to notice his behavior when you are giving more importance to other man than you give him. You may also use this as a testing tool to check his emotions for you.

19. He adopting your nature

He like you so much that he starts to copy your actions. He might have started to wear same colors as you do. Many other acts he might have started to mimic your personality. You need to observe those imitations. He is trying to copy your acts and behavior to make you comfortable with him and he himself like them too. A man will copy you only when he likes you a lot.

If he is imitating your actions, it’s a sign that he respect you. He will start making physical actions just like you. He may also try to copy the verbal phrases which you were using. If he started copying you, there is a good chance that he likes you and want to go ahead of being just a coworker. Sometimes he does it so naturally that he is not aware of he is actually copying you.

How to tell if a guy likes you at work

20. He wants to connect with you by all means

If he is interested in you, he wants to stay in a constant connection with you through all mediums possible. He is attracted to you and want more of you. By joining you on all social media platforms, he will get access to the maximum information available about you in the form of pictures, comments, friend circle, etc. He may be wanted to be ahead of all your coworkers in knowing you.

It is rare when a coworker will try to join you on your social media unless you both are very much known to each other. But if you find him liking and commenting on your pictures or status, he must be linking you. You also need to observe what kind of comments he is making, if he is giving his time and efforts in making admirable comments then its an indicator of his interest in you.

He may start discussing about your social media post, it means he is taking interest in your personal life and want to become a part of it. He might have also asked you for your personal contact number and may be sending you thoughtful text messages in morning and night regularly. This dedication is a hint that he likes you.

You need to stop wandering about how to tell if a guy likes you at work, and should try to keep the conversation going when he make a comment on your social post. This would be a way of testing his interest in your personal life.

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21. He missed you when you was on leave

How to tell if a guy likes you at work

You have to take unexpected leaves when you fall ill or get some urgent work to be done at home. If your guy like you, he will definitely miss you on that day. He will also worry about you if he get the information about your bad health. He will call you to ask your wellbeing. He may also come to your place if you have to increase your holiday period.

You can easily notice that he is missing you more than other office colleagues. He will regularly send you his best wishes for your health or the work you are on to. No coworker misses others unless they admire each other and are personally connected.

22. How to tell if a guy likes you at work? Notice weird changes in his actions

If he likes you, you can see some behavioral changes in him. His facial expression tells a lot when you complement him. You can see the red in his face sometimes during conversation. Have you noticed him fixing his hair and dressing before coming to your desk? Did you noticed him stammering while having some personal conversation with you or you make him sweating when you look into his eyes. He is taking more deep breaths.

You may also notice him trembling while touching you, these are a sign of nervousness that you are very special for him and your touch gives him a different sensation which he has never felt before. That may be sensation of carving and desire for you. He is showing this behavior towards you only because he see something in you which doesn’t notice in other. That make you special for him.

If a guy is attracted to you, it is a special feeling for him and giving him sensations which he never felt before. Due to which he start acting a little different than usual. Sometime you make him nervous and he isn’t able to select the correct word which result him to stammer while talking to you. All of these weirdness will stop once he get to know about you having the same feeling about him.

23. He wants to leave office together and offers to drive you home

If he likes you, he would wish to spend more time with you. Hw would never leave you behind in office. He will always try to leave office along with you. He may offer you a ride or join you for a walk to your home. Sometime, he may also offer you a coffee or an evening snack during your way to home. This way you could spend a good quality time outside workplace and it may boost your relationship a lot further.

24. How to tell if a guy likes you at work? Check what your instinct says

Observing all these signs will tell you a lot and help you to build an opinion about him. While looking for above mentioned signs, you will get to know him better than earlier. Your understanding about his feelings for you will give you a gut feeling about where’s everything gonna go. Just trust your instinct. You’ll already know how’s he going to react to your words or actions.

You need to look for all these signs along with what your instinct says. Instinct never lies. If he is closer to you than others in the office, if he treats you special, he started liking you. Your vibes will also give this indication to you.

how to make him love you

Summery of signs to tell if he likes you at work:

  1. He often comes to you
  2. You’ll find him always looking at you
  3. He flirts with you
  4. He always wants to be around you
  5. He remembers every detail about you
  6. He defend you
  7. You attracts his full attention
  8. He want to spend more time with you
  9. He wants to talk about your personal life
  10. He is always ready to help you
  11. He complements you
  12. He trying to look good for you
  13. He share his personal life with you
  14. His special tone for you
  15. Other co-worker’s observation
  16. His body language says it all
  17. He wants to make you happy
  18. He feels jealous about you
  19. He adopting your nature
  20. He wants to connect with you by all means
  21. He missed you when you was on leave
  22. Notice weird changes in his actions
  23. He wants to leave office together and offers to drive you home
  24. Check what your instinct says

Now you know how to tell if a guy likes you at work. This are all the major signs that will indicate you that your guy is into you. Relationship is a complicated thing and can’t be explained in an article but here I have tried my best to help you out with one of your sentimental question. My best wishes with you.

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