how to make him want you

How To Make Him Want You (19 Secret Ways)

How to make him want you would be the most desirable question in your mind if you are somehow attracted towards a guy and wants to attract him too. Who doesn’t want to be desired and loved by her man. Whether you want your ex to come back to you or you are trying to attract a guy who met you recently, you need to focus on some of the aspects to get the expected results.

Good looks, cheerfulness, self confidence, helping nature, intelligence are some of the qualities which generally attracts people. You need to imbibe these into you if you want to attract somebody. You need to work on your overall personality. You may need to change your looks, need a nice hairstyle, a wardrobe upgrade or workout for your body. All these would help you to get a glamorous personality anybody would like to be close to.

You also need to work on your behavioral traits which plays an important role in creating a personality. Make a little extra effort to make him feel good around you. I am writing this article on how to make him want you to guide you to those specific traits of personality and behavior in order to reach your goal as soon as possible.

Mostly a woman thinks a lot about her own feelings and desires instead of focusing on the feelings and desires of the guy. That’s the case she’s not able to impact the guy’s psychology to make him want you. You needs to understand your man by reaching the deepest level of his psychology.

In a relationship, initially both the partners feel the magic of love but after a couple of months the magic fades out when the guy stops doing those things which he used to do initially to attract the girl. Might be he lost his attraction towards the girl or he found someone else more attracting.

There are some simple things you need to do to make a guy want you without overthinking about them. I will discuss some of those techniques here which would help you to attract or re-attract a guy you want. Trust me, you are capable of attracting any man you want. You just need to overcome your worries & fears and to develop a strong self-confidence in yourself. I have mentioned below a comprehensive list of tips that would help you as the answers to your question on how to make him want you.

1. How to make him want you by having self-confidence

how to make him want you

As I’ve mentioned above, when it comes to attract a guy you need to build a strong self-confidence. Men like confident and independent women. You have to feel confident about your in every act of yours. You have to be confident about who you are and what you want to do. You don’t need to feel low about yourself in any way. You have to feel attractive before you ask how to make him want you. If you can’t see yourself as an attractive person then how do you expect anyone else to get attracted to you.

Feel 100% confident and sure about who you are. Don’t feel bad about any aspect of your personality. You might be thinking about a trait of your personality which you think is bad, but you don’t need to overthink about it too much because its a part of your personality. Everybody has their own personal traits which may be unique or common. You need to change your mental thinking about yourself and think confidently about what you wants to do. Being confident will make you feel more attractive. Be confident, act confident!

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2. Be positive

Being positive is first step towards feeling confident. If you can think positive about yourself then you can enjoy your life in a better way. People like those who think positive and stay lively. People gets attracted to those who enjoy their life, they also wants to be a part of their enjoyment. By being positive you can lighten up even the worst day of your life. People with a positive mindset spread a positive vibe into the environment which attracts positivity in return. You can manifest the hardest goal of your life by thinking positive.

3. Create interesting and memorable experiences with him

how to make him want you

Always be open and try to do new things because doing same things again and again can make you feel boring. Also get him involved with you in those interesting experiences. Doing it would excite him and encourage him to stay longer in your company. Try to make every meeting or date even more interesting by trying new things. Suggest him new thing to do together like, going out for a hangout, attending a live concert, going for a sporting event next time, explore his gardening talent, etc.

Don’t always have the same kind of talks, sometime you may try talking about some interesting social topics, some adventures or about your ambitions. Talk to him about what you want to do or what you’re passionate about. Trying new things together would help to create some interesting and memorable experiences with him. These moments would remind him about the interesting time he spent with you. Doing these would help when you want to know how to make him want you.

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4. Don’t tell him everything about you

Withholding details about yourself is also an answer for how to make him want you. If you can make him always curious about you, this would do a lot in attracting him. When you tell him everything about you in one go, you wont leave anything behind to make him curious about. The best way would be to tell him some things and hide some important thing from him. It would force him to ask you again and again about the interesting part of your conversation which you left behind. It would make him to stay attentive and engaged in your story.

Keep him being curious about your life, likes, dislikes, etc. If he is attracted to you, he would miss you the whole time and die to meet you again to know the answers. The mystery element always works. You must have experienced it when you are watching your favorite television show and when the show is getting more interesting, an ad break comes and you have to wait till the end of advertisement so you can see what happens next in the show. It is a marketing style using the mystery element.

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5. Don’t be an easy target for him

how to make him want you

Mostly guys like challenges and usually take pride in chasing things. You might have fell for him but don’t show him that you’re already into him. If you become an easy option for him, he may not value your relationship and your relationship may end even before starting. Whenever he calls you for something, don’t always say yes to him. Being affirmative for everything he ask you for will make him to believe that you are always available for him. This may lead him to take you for granted. If that’s the case, he will be no more attracted to you and then don’t you ever think to make him want you.

Don’t be always available for him, that way you will be lowering yourself and giving him utmost importance which will never going to attract him. Let him chase you for things but to a certain limit. Being busy is a sign that you have other important things in life which you need to do first. People who are doing important thing are always a center of attraction for others as they have been proved to be useful. By giving importance to yourself more than him, you are increasing your value in his eyes also. Doing it may result in making him to take you as a challenge. This could be a useful way when it comes to how to make him want you.

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6. How to make him want you by surprising him

Try to be unpredictable for him, this would help you to be the center of his attraction. Small gifts on special occasions would make him feel the attention you give to him. Surprise weekend plans would also excite him for the next plan he is expecting next weekend. If you can surprise him with your plans and gifts, it would definitely help you to make him stay interested in you.

7. How to make him want you by giving him his space

how to make him want you

Nobody wants to be completely possessed by someone else not even by their own love. Everybody wants their own space where nobody would interfere. The guy you like also feels the same. He wants to be free all the time and not possessed by you. He wants his alone time to be himself, to do the things he wants, to feel the way he thinks. You need to respect his time and his feelings. If you always wants to be with him, he may not be ready for this and ultimately this may take him away from you.

Give him his alone time and you too do your own work, this would make him feel that you’re independent. Guys like independent and confident women. When both of you are having each other together will tend to normalize your relationship and excitement towards each other will tend to die. You both needs a break to recall the beautiful time you’ve spent together. This shall increase the importance of your company in his eyes and he will miss you more. More he stay away from you will spark his feeling to meet you and spend time with you.

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8. Enjoy your own life too

By enjoying your own life, you can make him want to be with you. Yes, you have or want to have a relationship with a guy but still you have your own life and time too. You don’t need to engaged in the relationship so much that you forget to enjoy your own life. Because enjoying own life would make you feel lively and energetic. Men like women who enjoy their life and live a happening life. It makes them curious when they see you enjoying and living an awesome life.

They want to be a part of your life and want to feel the same enjoyment. Enjoying your own life is also another answer to your question about how to make him want you. You need to show him that you can be happy even without him. On social media, you can share pictures and stories about how did you enjoy some event with other friends. He must be following you and he may feel a little jealous when he come to know about this.

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9. Value yourself and your goals

how to make him want you

In the first point of this article we have discussed about self-confidence which is an important element of personality when it comes to attracting others. Praising others and giving importance to others is a courteous gesture but it doesn’t mean to keep yourself second or not to give yourself due credit what you deserve. If you don’t value yourself why would others do. Acting emotional is equally important as being practical. Never think low for yourself and stop feeling inferior when being compared with others.

Giving enough time to your guy is as equally important as give sufficient attention to your own life goals and to work towards them. When you start working rationally between your relationships and your life goals, it gives you an inner confidence as well as it earns respect & attraction from your guy. He may be attracted to you when he see you maintaining good balance among different aspects of your life. So when you are thinking about how to make him want you, don’t forget to give due weightage to your own life while prioritizing that guy.

10. Use your eye contact and smile

A cute eye contact and beautiful smile can attract any man towards you and hold him there for a moment. Using your facial expressions is an art. You can use your eyes for different expressions e.g., cuteness, innocence, seducing, flirting, happiness, confidence, etc. Use the most suitable expression for your present situation to rive his attention towards you.

Making eye contact is an evergreen trick to get a man’s attention. When you see directly into his eyes, he would stop for a moment and look at you to recall if he knows you and thereafter he would feel curious if you knew him or you like him.

Similarly your smile is also one of the lethal weapons. A woman’s cute smile can make a man forget his strongest worry for a while. You can also express different feelings by way of your smile. Using your smile and eyes cautiously works a lot when it comes to knowing about how to make him want you like crazy.

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11. How to make him want you by your looks

How to make him want you by your looks

How a girl looks would be the first reason a guy attracted towards her even if he doesn’t know her. So, your looks matters a lot in getting a guy’s attention. You need to look at yourself and ask, do you look your best or something more you can do. May be you look good but a beautiful dress for some special occasion can change the whole game in your favor or a nice haircut or something else you can do to look your best and make yourself more attractive.

Try an attractive outfit

When you are going to meet him, you need to wear a nice dress that suits your personality, go with the occasion and complement your guy’s outfit. Don’t wear a dress that doesn’t go with the occasion. Also you need to wear an outfit that goes with the cloths of your partner. Choose cloths which best suits your size and shape. Get an outfit that emphasizes on your best features and makes you comfortable. Color option is also very important while selecting a dress. Pay due attention to your skin color, hair and eye color also while making a selection of dress.

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Get a nice hairstyle and makeup

how to make him want you

A simple haircut can change your complete look and personality. Get a haircut that makes you feel good & confident about yourself which also goes with the shape of your face structure. Use a matching makeup to look your best and perfect. You may go to a beauty saloon and get yourself a haircut or a complete makeover to show the best of yourself. Visual impression matters a lot. If he is attracted to you already then seeing a better version of you will be a great surprise for him and that will boost his feelings for you.

How to make him want you by smelling nice

After wearing a perfect dress, having a suitable hairstyle and makeup only thing remains is how nice do you smell. Smell of a light and simple perfume would do the rest. Our sensory system is very sensitive and active. If you wear a pleasant smelling perfume every time when you spend time with your man, it will remind him of you whenever he experience that smell when you are not around. It has a great memorable element. When you are looking for the ways on how to make him want you, your looks would play a major role. All these thing would make you visually attracted.

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12. Give him nicknames

how to make him want you

Calling his name is also a great trick to keep him interested. Whether you call him by his name or give him some cute nicknames, both would work well. Guys like to be called by their partner. When you calling him by his nickname during a conversation, it gives him a feeling of being close to you. Try to mention his name during conversation but don’t do it too much often. Calling him by cute and sexy nicknames is a good way to make him want you.

13. How to make him want you by showing kindness

Showing a kind gesture is a symptom of a good human being. Everybody wants to be around a good person who has kindness and rationality in his mind and heart. You should show kindness and compassion to the people around you like friends, family, known people and even strangers. Being kind and showing kindness to others may make a space for you in a guy’s heart. This quality earns respect from everybody. Respect means a special place for you in someone’s mind and heart.

Holding door for someone, holding lift for others, words of gratitude, asking about their well-being, being punctual when you’ve given time to someone, never making anyone feel bad, apologizing for your own mistakes; these are some of the gestures which shows your good manners and kindness. Being patient, feeling empathy, acting civilized, showing good manners and small kind gestures are some of the strongest ways when it comes to figure out how to make him want you.

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14. Ask him flirty questions

how to make him want you

Flirty questions to ask a guy could be an interesting way to engage him in a fun conversation. These may be a great help in the initial stage of your relationship when you know less about each other and wants to get involved with each other. When you got a crush and you want to break the silence of hesitation between you two, asking some funny & flirty question would be an easy way to get him talking and take interest in you. This way he would take interest in you as well as he gets more attracted towards you.

In the initial phase of your relationship, you feels excited but as you know only a few things about each other which creates a blockage in opening up. It is also true that if you make the foundation strong then relationship lasts longer. So, its recommended to prosper the relationship in the initial stages which gives the most promising results later. An interesting and engaging conversation could be a way out. Flirty questions to ask a guy would do the work for you. Flirty questions may play its role when it come to how to make him want you.

15. Praising and acknowledging

Everybody see themselves as a person worth complementing. If you complement a guy for his goodness, it gives him a feeling of being recognized. Like everybody, men also wants to be acknowledged. This could be for his looks, his actions, his achievements, or any other quality he has. Complementing someone is also an art. You don’t have to complement his in an unnatural way. Don’t praise him for the things which are usual and common in everybody. Complement him only for the things that looks genuine. Complementing and acknowledging is also a way out when it comes to knowing about how to make him want you more.

Praising and acknowledging someone gives him a sense of achievement and recognition. If you give him organic complements, he would love to hear. This would make him to take interest in you which would result him to spend more time in your company. Some of the generic complements are “It’s so good to see you”, “I like your dressing style”, “Your working skills are great”. You may use some phrases like these to express that you are acknowledging him regularly, this would attract him to you and he would also be curious toward you. Your genuine complement will validate his own thoughts about himself and make him feel good.

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16. Get him into interesting conversation

how to make him want you

When you are figuring out how to make him want you, you need to make him take interest in you. In this way, initiating interesting conversations would help you a lot. Having super interesting conversation would keep him engaged with you for a longer time. When he starts to enjoy your company, he would start spending more time with you. Don’t let the conversation get boring it may discourage him from being with you or he may find his interest somewhere else.

Keeping him engaged with you is the key, so when you find the energy in your talks is dying you need to change the topic to another one of his interest. Always give preference to his interest because he may not be interested in the topics of your interest. Try to ask more interesting questions. You may also ask him about his liking e.g. his favorite movie, sport, hobby, etc.

17. How to make him want you by teasing and flirting

Guys like to be teased by girls. Flirting is also an interesting way of keeping a man engaged without igniting any sexual feelings. Asking flirty questions, finding reasons to touch and winking are some of the common ways of flirting someone. You may use them at the correct situation. Having flirty talks or asking flirty questions over text make him to interact more with you. Find ways to touch him and let him wait for the next time he get physical interaction with you is another trick to make him want you more.

Men likes to be playful and flirting also make them feel that you are interested in them. He like when he gets your attention which get them attracted to you in return. You need not go beyond your area of comfort. If you too are not much close to each other, don’t try touching if it feels odd. Low level flirting is enough for your situation and go with the process. Let the time come when you both understands each other better. Teasing and flirting could be a good way when it comes to how to make him want you badly.

Having a flirty body language can make him think that you are interested to come into his personal space. You can send signals to him that you want a relationship deeper than friendship. Some physical actions like touching him and kissing him gives a signal that you are open to be engaged physically.

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18. Remind him why he was attracted to you

how to make him want you

When it seems to you that the magic in your relationship is fading out, you may try reminding him about the initial days of your relationship. Why you came together? Why he got attracted to you? Try to make him feel the way he felt during those old days. He may be missing out some things which he cares about earlier but now he got busy in other things and didn’t got time again to look into his past.

Try to recreate those initial dates you had. Try to wear the dress you wore at your first date. Select that place for meeting where you met for the first time and make him recall those memories. If you succeed in making him feel the same emotions he had during those times, it would make him want you more than earlier times. This will help you to rebuild the love you had during those earlier days.

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19. Try to copy his behavior

People generally like those whom they feel similar to themselves. If you find another person like yourself in some manner, it would give you a feeling of some kind of relation between you two. It would make you feel attracted to that person. Similarly if you copy different acts and behavior of a guy he would feel a kind of relation with you which may result him to get attracted towards you. Like making small gestures while talking, crossing legs while sitting, way of organizing things around you.

Not even mimicking him, you may also try to give a similar response what he is giving you, such as smile for a smile or looking into his eyes when he stares at you. Copying his body language, acts or behavior would attract him to you and absolutely make him feel comfortable in your company. When you want to figure out how to make him want you, this method would help you out a lot.

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