how to make him miss you

How To Make Him Miss You? (22 Secret Ways)

How to make him miss you? Why do you want to be getting missed by anyone? You may be yourself missing him a lot. Human being is a social animal who generally wants to be in company. And someone will start to miss you when he gets used to your company and your presence make him happy. So, when you are apart, he will definitely miss you and feel the emptiness in his life.

In a love relationship, he enjoy your presence so much that he don’t want to be distant from you. If you want to make him miss you, it means you love him and miss his presence too; and also want him to love you back. To trigger his love for you, it becomes mandatory for you to make him realize your importance in his life. As soon as he realizes your value, he’ll start to love you which can be seen in his craving to meet you.

He started to feel so comfortable and happy with you so that he doesn’t want to be without you and he starts to miss you like cray when you are apart. It also feels awesome to be missed by someone special. It gives a sense of importance, safety, care and love. He may be your crush with whom you want to move forward or boyfriend with whom you want to strengthen your existing relationship or husband or an ex who you want to come back in your life again.

If you want your man to miss you but don’t know how to do it then you’re on the right page.

How to make him miss you? What will make him to miss you? You need to understand this. It your absence which will do the magic. But you also need to be irresistible for him by playing few mind games. You need to make him realize your emptiness when you are apart.

Sometimes, importance of a relationship starts to fade when you are close all the time and it becomes too easy and taken for granted. You need to make him recall the things in you which triggered to start this relationship and that can be done in your absence. Missing someone is a sign that their presence can’t be replaced by anyone else.

Here are 22 secret psychological ways to make him miss you like crazy and love you more than earlier.

How To Make Him Miss You? Use these 22 Secret Ways.

1. Don’t be always available

how to make him miss you

Whenever he calls you for something, don’t always say yes to him. Being affirmative for everything he ask you for will make him to believe that you are always available for him. This may lead him to take you for granted. If that’s the case, he will be no more attracted to you and then don’t you ever think to make him miss you.

If he made a plan and asks you out, you don’t need to go with him always. You can refuse for some of his plans which will raise his crave to spend more time with you. This will make him miss you. He may plan another outing with you next time and will insist you harder to say yes. This will boost his attraction towards you.

Don’t be available 24/7 for him, that way you will be giving him utmost importance which will never going to make him miss you. Being busy is a sign that you have other important things in life. People who are doing important thing are always a center of attraction for others as they prove to be useful.

No man will be interested in a girl who doesn’t have any work but to spend her time with him. Limited availability is a sign that you respect your time any work. This attract your man’s respect and will make him to miss you when you are not available.

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2. Don’t communicate

If you are wondering how to make him miss you? Then you need to make him realize the importance of your presence. This can be done by being absent in his life. I know this is not easy for you when you are in love relationship with someone. Obviously, you want to be in 24/7 communication with him but if you want him to miss you badly, you have to take tough steps.

You need to stop all types of communication with him. Stop meeting him, calling him, texting him, even stop contacting him on social media. He will never miss you if you are in contact with him in any way. By stopping all communication with him, you are giving him sufficient reason to miss you. He will definitely miss you when he is not able to spend his time you you like any other day.

If your special one is meeting you everyday, calling you, texting you but suddenly you are not able to contact him, it will definitely trigger an urge to contact him. Similarly, stopping all communication is a good psychological way to make him miss you badly.

how to make him miss you

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3. Let him wait

If your man text you or call you and you give an instant response then it gives him a hint that you are always available for him. By always picking up his call or by replying to his text messages immediately will give him a feeling of comfort. This comfortable feeling will never let him to miss you as you are already in a constant access.

You may also try arriving late when it comes to meeting together. You arriving late at the meeting spot and he is waiting for you eagerly is a sign that he values you and is always available for you. Yes, it is almost impossible for you to keep him waiting when you can’t stop yourself from thinking about him.

He may not value your presence if he gets your access so conveniently. Men values the things which they have to chase. If he gets you so easily and conveniently, he will not miss you. Men tends to lose interest in women who are always easily available for them. Waiting for someone makes you realize how important that person is for you.

But be careful because this waiting game may backfire. You need to make him wait only upto that level where he will not lose his interest in you. You need to make him miss you with his interest in you to be intact.

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4. Always end the conversation before him

how to make him miss you

If he likes you, he want more of you. He wants to talk to you. He wants to see you. He wants to hear from you through any medium, it could be a text message or even a letter. As I recommended in the last method, you might have have started to make him wait for your response. Now you have to go to the next step, when you are replying him lately, you need to end the conversation before him. Saying goodbye or goodnight first is a sign for him that you are not dying to talk to him.

He wants more of you but you have to leave him in middle. Don’t try to quench his sense by completing the conversation he wants to have with you. If he talks everything whatever he wants to say to you and gets the expected reply, he won’t miss you. But if the question is how to make him miss you?, you have to be the one who hung up the phone first.

If he wants more of you, he will send you texts to ask for your reply. But if you leave him in curiosity, he will be wondering and missing you till your next conversation. This way you let the mystery and curiosity element do all the work for you and raise his crave for you.

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5. Use social media carefully

Social media has became an important part of our life. We share our likes, dislikes and many other important events of life. Everybody is now present on social platforms. You must be following your special one on social media and he must be doing the same if he is having interest in you. Then you can use social platforms as your weapon to get his attention.

In my earlier method, when I suggested you to stop all communication, it also included the social media. When you are sharing something on social media, you are making your presence in people’s mind. But when the idea is to make him miss you, you need to become absent everywhere to an extant.

You need to use social platforms rationally. You need to hide yourself from your man selectively so that he can miss you. You need to restrict sharing anything on socials which is accessible to him. You should also stop reacting to his social profiles otherwise he will get to know that you are keeping an eye on him.

But you should also share some part of life which will make him feel that he missed a good time to be with you. It could be a photo related to vacation or movie where you are enjoying with your other friends. That will make him miss you more.

his secret obsession

6. The mystery element

The mystery element always works. You must have experienced it when you are watching your favorite television show and when the show is getting more interesting, an ad break comes and you have to wait till the end of advertisement so you can see what happens next in the show. It is a marketing style using the mystery element.

By using this mystery element, marketers raise your interest and eagerness to watch the show. Also you watch that short advertisement with more curiosity. During that break time, you are thinking about the show. Basically you miss your favorite show when it is not there.

Similarly, when you are wondering: how to make him miss you?, you have to take a break from your daily life where your man is having your access and you also have to use the mystery element. Everybody loves it and your man too.

When you are meeting him and having conversations, don’t give him all of you. Don’t let him know everything about you in one go. Telling him about you in parts is a good way to create mystery. If he get to know everything about you, he may lose interest in you. Then he may neither miss you nor crave for you when you are apart.

As I have discussed earlier, men values the things which they have to chase. If he gets all of you so easily and conveniently, he will not miss you. By becoming a mystery girl, you will always be his center of attraction. He will miss you and want to be with you to end his curiosity.

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7. Show him that you can enjoy without him

Show him that you can enjoy without him

You need to show him that you can be happy even without him. On social media, you can share pictures and stories about how did you enjoy some event with other friends. He must be following you and he may feel a little jealous when he come to know about this.

This jealousy will encourage him to send more time with you. For him, missing such an enjoyable adventure is like missing the opportunity to spend a good quality time with you. He may wish to be with you next time you plan something like this or he may himself planning this with you. Anyways, it will make him miss you more which will thrive your relationship to higher level.

It is always a great idea to share your adventures with him. It may also make him to think that you are considering him an important person in your life. Which will attract his attention towards you.

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8. Make him a little jealous

You may try to make him a little jealous by introducing your other men friends to him. Or you may plan some ‘accidents’ when you are out with some of your male friend and suddenly encounter with your special one. This will make him feel a little jealous and ignored. When he feel some competition, he will start to chase you badly.

This will make him to think that he is not the only one you cares about. He may feel the risk of being missed out of a beautiful relationship and his craving for you may increased which will make him miss you badly. This fear of being missed out will make him to realize his love for you. These incidents will drive more of his attention towards you and he won’t be able to stop thinking about you.

how to make him miss you

9. Make him feel like he can’t live without you.

When you are planning to live rest of your life with him, you firstly need to check the mutual compatibility. It is a must element to move forward in any relationship. When it is confirmed, you need to make him believe that he can’t live without you. You have to do this if you want to make him miss you like crazy and to strengthen the relationship also.

If you want to make him miss you all the time and want more of you, you have to make him feel that he can’t live without you. You may be experiencing this that how important you are for him but you have to make him feel this. You not only have to work on your physical personality but you also need to take care of emotional aspects. You need to establish a strong emotional bonding.

You need to focus on everything including your communication, your body language, his likes/dislikes, etc. By doing this, you can make him fall in love with your personality.

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10. The Body Language

let body language speak

Your body language speak a lot more than your words. You can judge a person’s true sense by observing his body language. In case of relationship, the role of body language increases to many fold as emotions are more clearly expressed through body language than through words. Your convincing body language can make him believe you and trust you. You can express yourself more clearly through your body language without saying a word.

Having a flirty body language can make him think that you are interested to come into his personal space. You can send signals to him that you want a relationship deeper than friendship. Some physical actions like touching him and kissing him gives a signal that you are open to be engaged physically.

You just need to be natural while conveying your signals through your behavior. If conveyed correctly, a simple blinking of eyes to make him believe you can increase his trust level in you.

You need to be careful while making your move because your body language expression may be interpreted wrongly which could do the opposite. And if conveyed correctly, you can make a strong impact even without saying anything. If he starts to be comfortable with your body language, he will come closer to you and miss your company than anyone else.

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11. You need a makeover

Your man already likes you, the way you look, the way you talk, your nature and everything you do. You just need to intensify that feeling a little more. By doing this you would be making him more interested in you.

You need to have your best look. You may go to a beauty saloon and get yourself a haircut or a complete makeover to show the best of yourself. Visual impression matters a lot. If he is attracted to you already then seeing a better version of you will be a great surprise for him and that will boost his feelings for you.

This could make him to want more of you. This can make him to miss you more when you are apart. You may also try to get a new style or outfit. Getting yourself a sexy outfit can trigger his sexual urges for you. You may try an outfit that suits your personality for which he is originally attracted to you.

Try to put on your best makeup and dress every time you meet him. Make sure he skip blinking his eyes when he have your first look. This picture of yours will always be in his heart which he will remember and miss you.

what men secretly want

12. Leave your signature

Leaving your signature is a very good idea to remind him of you when you are not around. You need to select a signature and that could be anything including a scent, a word phrase or an action which is memorable.

Our sensory system is very sensitive and active. If you wear a pleasant smelling perfume every time when you spend time with your man, it will remind him of you whenever he experience that smell when you are not around. It has a great memorable element. You may also try spraying your perfume on his things so it will remind him of you even after leaving the place.

Saying a word phrase or doing a special action when you both are together is also a good trick. It also has a memorable importance. That phrase will remind him of you when hear the same. Your special action will also do the same, whenever he thinks about your action and suddenly gets your image in his mind. These small things matter a lot as they impact memory.

13. Art of leaving things ‘accidentally’

Have you ever experienced this way when you found some article of your best friend which made you to recall the time when you both were together. It is just like leaving your signature behind, as discussed earlier in this blog.

You may try leaving your personal objects such as your handkerchief, scarf, cap, book, pen, hairclip, etc. Leave those things in his car, desk or house where he can find them and it will remind him of you. Every time when he see these things, he will recall the time he spent with you which will make him miss you.

14. Give him enough space

give him space to miss you

If you are asking how to make him miss you? but not leaving him alone, that will be absolutely contradictory. You have to give him enough space for enough time period so that he can miss you.

When both of you are having each other together will tend to normalize your relationship and excitement towards each other will tend to die. You both needs a break to recall the beautiful time you’ve spent together. This shall increase the importance of your company in his eyes and he will miss you more. More he stay away from you will spark his feeling to meet you and spend time with you.

While staying apart from each other you should be in touch with him in a limited manner which will trigger the mystery & curiosity in his mind. Giving him a little of you will raise his craving to get more of you.

why men pull away

15. Treat him normally

If you are in love with someone and always thinking about him, how’s this possible to treat him as your normal friend. I understand that this is next to impossible for you. But if the question is to make him miss you like crazy, you need to control your feelings. If he get to know about the fact that you are already surrendered to him, he may take you for granted because you are an easy option for him.

We have already discussed that men like to chase and they don’t give importance to things which they gets easily. By heart you may be having special feelings for him but you have to show him that he is just like your other friends. This will make him to chase you by giving in extra efforts.

16. Trigger his Hero Instinct

hero instinct

As per one study published in the Physiology & Behavior journal shows that males feel possessive over their partner. Which scientifically proves that males are naturally possessive and protective for their partner. He will guard you against all odds of life. It is inherent in the male biology to prove himself as the hero of his partner. This sentiment is known as hero instinct.

This hero instinct play an important role when you are asking: how to make him miss you like crazy?

I first learned about it from this unique video by James Bauer. James is a well known relationship psychologist who helps a lot of people with his knowledge and experiences.

A man always wants to be the hero of his girl. He want his girl to consider him as his hero for life. This heroism is inherent in men biology. You need to make him feel like your hero who helps you in all issues and gets you out of every trouble.

To make him miss you like crazy, you need to make him feel like your hero. Men always wants to solve women’s problems. Men loves to feel wanted, needed and useful. Whenever you both are together, if you take his help for most of your things, it gives him a sense that you are dependent on him for most of the things. By triggering his hero instinct, you are making a special space in his heart for you.

He may think that he is the one who brings you out of every trouble. He will feel like your hero when he helps you out of anything. After getting this habit of helping you, he will miss you like crazy when you are apart.

To learn more about these emotional trigger points, check out James’ free video. Some ideas are life changing. And when it comes to relationships, I think this is one of them.

17. Building trust

Trust is the base of any strong relationship, whether it is business or friendship or love. Without having the trust element in your relation, you can’t depend on each other for critical matters. Being trustable to someone is like having a much closer relationship than normal. Where he count on you that you will help him in case of crisis even by keeping your important matter aside.

Establishing trust is not easy. You have to show him that you understands him so much that you can empathize him. You have to make him believe that you will never let anything wrong happen to him. You always have his betterment in your priorities, you just have to show him this. When he will understand your feelings about him, he will start asking for your help and advice whenever he encounters any problem.

When you are asking: how to make him miss you? avoiding him is a good trick as I suggested but you have to be present for serious issues for which he needs you. When you have got his trust in you he will always miss you when any serious problem occurs or when he need an advice from someone who understands him.

how to make him chase you

18. Do not get too obsessed over him

Do not get too obsessed over him when you want him to love you or miss you. Being obsessed may do the opposite of what you want. If you want him to miss you but you are working for it obsessively, it may take him away from you.

Just be yourself. You don’t need to be someone else. You need to keep the original you alive always. Just do your thing. If you are really loving him and trying to attract him love for you, it will work if you are not faking anything. Showing off is completely different from faking yourself.

Give him enough space so he can get some time when he don’t find you around and feel your absence. That way you can get his attention even when you are not around.

When you both are together, enjoy that time as you actually want to. Be loving, caring, amazing so you both can live those moments. These happy and amazing moments will make him to feel your absence when you are not around and he will miss you like crazy.

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19. Be independent

Men appreciates and admires women who are independent and successful in some field. Having a passion in life gives a picture about how serious you are about your life goals as well as towards your relationships. If you are passionate about your life’s future then it is obvious to understand that you would be seriously handling your personal and official relationships.

Being independent and confident about yourself automatically attracts everyone to you. These are the traits of an ideal girl who is desired by every men. It needs to be working on your own life goals. Those goals could be starting your career or expanding your business or any goals related to your health.

You don’t have to be too obsessed over him. You have your own goals and objectives too which need your attention. Don’t put your complete focus on him. To achieve your personal goals, you need to take good care of those goals. If you are always working on to impress him, you won’t be able to achieve your own goals. You need to give sufficient amount of time to him as well as to yourself.

20. Be unforgettable

make him miss like crazy

You need to be a part of his memory. Try to have a fabulous time with him, this way you can be a part of his happy memories. Whenever he will be alone, anything may make him recalling the beautiful time he spent with you. For example, when he is alone at home and watching television, a movie promo may remind him of the time he has with when you were watching a movie together. Uniqueness and happiness is the kay here.

You need to boost the original traits of your personality which he likes the most which he can’t find in others, so that you can have a unique & special space in his permanent memory. Whatever time you spend with him that has to be a special and memorable event for him. For that, you need to realize the importance of yourself because if you don’t know the importance of yourself then you can’t make him realize about your importance.

Trying new things with him is a good idea. Even you may ask him about different adventures whether he has tried them and if he say no then you can try those. It will be his first in lifetime experience of that kind and so that experience as well as you will become a part of his permanent memory. By this way you will remind him of you whenever he try to do anything for the first time.

Don’t try to fake the memories. Originality is the only way to do this. When you both are together, you need to enjoy the time by heart and be happy. Everybody wants to be around a lively person. That way you are having a good time as well as making good memories for yourself and for him. Why won’t he miss you when you become unforgettable for him.

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21. Be an ideal girl

Every man has an image of his perfect girl. You need to explore the qualities your man is looking for in his dream girl. Then examine yourself on those criteria and look for some matching qualities. Make him realize that you are the girl he has been looking for as his life partner. You need to show off those qualities of yours, he has been looking for, to make him decide on his relationship status with you.

When he come to know that you are the one he has been looking for everywhere, he will start expressing his feeling for you. He will try his best to make this relationship work. This will make him miss you like crazy.

22. Be the original you

how to make him miss you

When you are trying the above tips, don’t forget who you really are? Because your man is attracted towards you only because of your true self. You need to polish your true self a little bit to become the best version of yourself but don’t let yourself become someone else. Just be yourself. When you both are together, always try to be the original you because it gives him a feeling of comfort.

Don’t pretend to be anyone else, always be the original you. Every person is unique in itself. He is attracted to you because of your uniqueness. Think of your qualities which makes you different from other girls that is liked by your man. Just improve those of your qualities. It will help you to develop your personality as well as to attract him more when you are not together.

If you have your own unique traits which he likes the most, that will make him look for those qualities in other girls and when he doesn’t find it in other then he will wish to be with you and miss you when you are apart. That way you can be the key to his happiness and he will be missing you badly when you are apart.

These were the 22 ways best working to make any man miss you like crazy. These are some of the best working psychological hacks through which you can thrive the feelings of your man for you. He will be thinking, remembering, missing, craving more of you whether you are around or apart. These always works in every case whether he is your newly found crush whom you met few days ago, or your boyfriend who may be losing interest in you, or your husband more of whose attention you want, or even when you want to get your ex back.

why men pull away

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