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How To Make Him Chase You ? Dos and Don’ts

How to make him chase you? Is this the question striking in your mind and is it OK to have this thought in your mind?

Don’t let your mind struggle with this issue. You are perfectly all right when you are having this question in your mind because it is very much natural. Everyone usually wants to attract someone special and want to be chased by them. It is inherent in the human nature. Generally, a man likes to chase and a woman love to be chased.

As a woman, you would be having the fantasy of being chased by your crush or partner. It is one of the most common thought any women can have in mind. It is a win-win situation for both of you as your man also wants to chase you. Yes, it’s the male psychology that they really want to chase their crush or partner.

You want to be chased and he wants to chase you then what’s the problem? Here the question is how to make him chase you as soon as possible in a way that looks completely ‘natural’? It looks easy but it’s not. It’s easy only if you work in that way with a perfect guidance.

You want to be chased but not by anyone, only by him as you want to start a relationship with him only. And you also wants to ensure that he wasn’t just looking for a relationship with anyone. You want to see yourself as the only aim in his eyes. If he has the potential to become a seriously committed partner only then he makes you feel secure and comfortable.

Similarly, he want to chase and thinks that he is the man who deserves you. He don’t want you to wander away from him for another guy. He expect your commitment and devotion back for him, that makes him feel secure. When you both feel safe about each other and see qualities of being a committed partner in each other, that’s the basic thing.

You need to see these factors if you are looking for a long term real relationship. Otherwise you can trigger his interest in you with the help of some mind games and tricks which will help you to chase him to you. I can tell you some ways to fake situations which would spark his curiosity that will drag him to you. But what after when he gets you?

When he gets to know your reality, he’ll go away as fast as he came to you.

So, the question is not just how to make him chase you? but the real question here is how to make him chase you in a natural way?

Why its good to be chased

Getting chased by a man is not a fun game, it gives you significant signals about the relationship aspects which you need to take care. These may change your complete view about relationship and life.

1. Chasing is a sign that he is serious about you

This is also called ‘just wait and watch’ approach. This says, it doesn’t matter how attracted you are to your guy but you have to control yourself from making the first move. You might have met him over few dates but it’s really not enough to know a man from inside. Don’t get into him so easily before knowing him enough. Just wait and watch for the confirm signals which ensures you about his compatibility with you and devotion.

Let him prove himself that he is actually worthy and deserve you. He will chase you if he can’t resist his feelings and attraction toward you. Chasing could be a good sign that he is seriously interested in you.

2. Chasing lets men satisfy their ego

Men have always been very competitive. They wants to compete with other men and prove themselves as the better being than others, whether it’s about sports, competition, examination or winning a ‘woman’. If you are igniting a man’s instincts to chase you, it means you are giving him an opportunity to satisfy his ego instinct.

3. Being chased indicates your worth

It’s basic male psychology that men always likes to chase the ‘hard’ and ‘worthy’ things. Men likes to chase but they go after the things which are valuable enough and not easy to get. Every female likes to be chased because it gives them a feeling of having good reputation & qualities which are valued by the chaser. It means women do know that high quality men go after only worthy things and people. And it’s not easy to get worthy things or people in your life.

4. Chasing may start a quality relationship

You tried making a man chase you and he started chasing you. It doesn’t end here. It’s just the start of a new relationship. During the chasing process, you would come to know about him and the qualities he has. What positive and negative aspect he is having inside. It gives both of you chance to know each other more. The man is chasing you may be a perfect match for you and may be after a couple of dates you commit to each other.

How to make him chase you ? – (DO THIS)

Before you start with the below ways to make him chase you, you need to make sure that he is the one. Many times it happens when a woman want a man to chase her but when she gets what she wanted, she loses interest and don’t want him anymore. If you are 100% sure that he is the guy you are looking for, then only proceed with these methods otherwise you don’t play with the emotions of a guy.

Here are some of the genuine science-proven ways to get a guy to chase you. These are not about faking anything but to make the real things and action put to work for you. These techniques are designed to make men chase although many of them also work on women. By considering these ways you can make him chase you without working very hard or considering this is the only aim of life.

1. Look for the signs from his side

When you have a crush on a guy, it’s a very common thing you are thinking about how to make him chase you? But before starting your mission, you need to look for enough signals from his side also. Many of the women wants to make a man chase them who have done nothing to earn their attraction.

He may be a handsome man or a rich man or a famous personality but he has done nothing to show his interest towards you. If you are just having a general attraction towards him then it should not be the best reason to get him to chase you. If you are looking for a long term genuine and natural relationship then you must look for the signals from his side. Because if you proceed without getting his signals, there may be chances that it may or may not work out. You can’t decide your future on chances. Right…?

If he is giving specific signals for you that he is also interested in you that means making him chase you will be worthy of your efforts. If you want a high-quality man to chase you, you need to identify him based on his signs and actions towards you. If he don’t even know you or not making any efforts towards you, it’s not worthy to get him to chase you.

how to make him chase you

2. Disappearing for a while

It is another good technique to make him chase you by disappearing from his life at an important point. Suppose you spent a good time with him this weekend and when you just disappear for few days, he would wonder and his curiosity will be triggered. You may also try praising him and suddenly take your attention away from him. This may make him miss you and chase you to solve the mysteries you have created. Remember, you must behaving good enough reason when you return in his life again otherwise your unconvincing reason may make him to realize your game.

3. Teasing and Flirting is a good way

Teasing him a little bit is a good option. Being naughty in front of him can make him chase you. A little teasing works better than a direct sexual invite. Sometimes a small sexual hint can ignite the fire. A naughty flirt can make your man more interested in you. He would more think of you. Sending naughty text is also a smart move to make him think of you when you are apart. That way you can make him think of you more, which would result in making him to chase you to make more of such naughty talks.

Be careful while starting such flirt. Don’t start this until you come to understand him enough, because an earlier start of naughty conversation may conclude to an unwanted result. You don’t have to depend completely on flirting, it’s just a way to start the chase. After getting started in a relationship, you need to focus on relationship aspects more than the sexual aspects.

how to make him chase you

4. A makeover can make him chase you

Looking and feeling good is very much required to attract someone’s attention. You need to get a good makeover in order to look good and show the best version of self. Nice clothing, aroma and makeup plays an important role to ignite the feelings of a man. By looking confident and happy with yourself, you can make a man to chase you to a relationship.

5. Separate your special zone

Everybody likes to be in a good company. Everybody likes to be treated special by their special one. Men wants to be in a good relationship. They also likes to be treated with special privileges by a woman that no other person have access to.

You need to give those privileges to a man carefully. You should invite only a few of men to your special zone whom you think are very special for you. These special privileges may be anything which are not accessed by anyone like, access to your home, access to your phone number, going on a holiday together, having fun outside together, sharing personal talks, etc.

If you wants to make a man chase you, you can’t invite him in your special zone because if he is already enjoying the privilege of being close to you and 100% of your life if accessible to him, then why would he chase you? He may get board of you after spending some time with you and move away. Men likes to chase and value those things or relationships which they get through hard efforts.

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6. Use common friends to make him chase you

Mutual friends are a good tool to communicate your feelings to your man. You can talk to those mutual friends in such a way so that they will project you to your man in a way exactly you wanted. If you talk to your mutual friends in a good and confident way, then they will definitely mention that to him. They may cause him to perceive you as a high quality woman that he would be thinking as his life partner.

how to make him chase you

7. Confidence is the key to get chased

Confident people are always the center of attraction for everybody. People value those who are confident and understands their own worth. Confidence comes from different things. You can become confident by changing your mindset or by having your achievements or by building your resources and many other. You need to give value to yourself, it will happen only when you feel it from inside. If you keep doubting yourself, you can’t become an attraction you wants to become.

If you like a man for any quality or possessions he has, you should try to imbibe similar qualities in yourself as well as the resources to have the confidence to face him and attract him though. In spite of following a ‘him oriented’ approach, you need to follow a ‘me oriented’ approach.

8. Personal growth and improvement

You can become physically attractive and get any guy to be with you. But a high-quality man would go for woman who have real quality in herself and in her lifestyle. Relationship and dating falls under the subject of ‘Self Help and Improvement’ because all relationship advices roam around personal growth & improvement.

In order to have a partner with perfect match you need to build a life which reflects your personality. You need to create a life in a manner in which you want to see it, not the way others want to see. You need to work on yourself and build a life or lifestyle around you to make a perfect match partner to chase you. That’s the real attraction not the physical one. That gives a confidence to you that any guy, who you want the most, would love to join you on this beautiful relationship journey.

It absolutely need efforts to build a life of your dreams but if you want a perfect man to chase you then you need to put your fears to an end and get out of your vicious circle of old unwanted life you are trapped in. It’s very uncommon in women who go beyond their so called limits and build a life of their dreams. Men know this and respect those who does it. If you can do this, you can make any guy to chase you in relationship and commit to you.

9. Creating a world of yours, he would like to be a part of

Focusing on yourself is a good way to attract someone to chase you. You can easily do this by creating your own world of happiness around you. Everybody wants to see smiling faces around them and wants to be in touch with those people. You need to do the things you like and stay happy from inside.

Guys like the girls who are confident and love themselves. If you show him that you are happy in your own world within your circle and don’t need any man to feel good as you are already living a good life, that would make him to chase you to be a part of your perfect and happy life.

how to make him chase you

10. Making memories together

Everybody likes beautiful memories in life. If you want to get chased by him then you need to invest some time initially. Spending some time together to create memorable life events is a great idea to make him want more of you. You don’t need to make huge plans together, just simple memories will work. It could be an weekend outing or watching a live concert or a drive together or anything small event which may create an impact on his mind to make him remind of you in the future which would ultimately result in chasing.

Getting a place in the memory of someone is a good way to make him think of you at some special moment of his life. That way you reminds him of some feeling of enjoyment, excitement and liveliness. Being with you, satisfies some amount of his craving for such feelings and make him chase you for those.

11. Denying him may work sometimes

Usually people chase something what they don’t have. When you you deny a guy for anything, he may take it as an attack on his ego and in reply he would try his best to prove himself. That way you are indirectly inviting a chase which he is not even aware of. When he chase you, you may get enough of time and opportunities to make him know you more which increases the chances of beginning of a new relationship.

While denying is risky so you need to be extra careful because a sensitive guy may take it as an abuse and just disappear forever. He may even start disliking you. Some genuine males also don’t go for the females who play games. So, if you decide to deny him, you need to assess his most probable reaction and your actions should look natural.

You can mitigate the risk by showing him that he still has a chance with you. Like when you are saying him “I like you but I prefer more sophisticated man.” That way you are denying him without offending and simultaneously showing him that he still has potential.

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12. Being unpredictable

Becoming an open book for your man could be bad idea. Mystery element drives the interest. If your man knows everything about you then there is no hook. You need to keep some things unpredictable so that he stay interested in you to learn more of you. If he can predict you easily, then he would not wait for you to disclose the mystery because there is literally no mystery at all. Never tell him about your next move. Never tell him about your future plans for the relationship. If he can’t predict you then he will chase you to get the answers of questions rising in his mind about you.

how to make him chase you

13. Make him jealous to make him chase you

Making your man feeling jealous may proved to be a good strategy to make him chase you only if it’s done correctly. You need to make him realize that you do have other (even better) options available for you and there is a good competition for you among the guys. A good balance should be created between your attention toward him as well as the other guys so that he should feel the heat but just adequate to make him to compete for you to win but not move away from you.

Showing him that you can enjoy without him also make him feel jealous. You can do this by showing him your pictures and sharing the stories about how you enjoyed some event or place with your other friends. That way he may think of being missed of the opportunity and he may start to chase you.

14. Having patience is important

Success never comes overnight, you need to give it enough time and have patience to let it work as expected. Acting needy or in hurry may result in him to lose interest in you. So, let everything to take place as per it’s time.

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How to make him chase you ? – (DON’T DO THIS)

Here are some of the things you should avoid to make your man to chase you:

1. Don’t hurry to be committed

I see a lot of girls who are in a hurry to get into a relationship. Being committed is a serious decision which you need to take very carefully.

When you are single and not having commitments to take care of, that’s the most important phase of your life. During that time you can build a life of your dreams by following your heart. During the time of singlehood you can do whatever you want to do as you are not having any responsibility or interference. You have enough time to picture your man and the qualities you wants to see in him.

You need to seriously think about relationships as this is going to affect you for the rest of your life. Based on your expectations and your own life goals, you need to build your life which attract respect of a guy as well as make him chase you.

A woman in a hurry to get into a committed relationship will not be able to design her life in a way she wants. Due to being in hurry she may make wrong decisions. If you are in a hurry to get into a relationship, you would be chasing your dream man despite making him to chase you.

Men like to chase the hard aim to get, if you are already in a hurry to fall for him then you can’t get him to chase you. Women who are hard to get out of their singlehood are seems more worthy than those who are in hurry to jump into relationship. It gives an impression in the mind of men that you are not happy with your life that’s why in a hurry to escape it asap.

hero instinct

2. Don’t be available for him 24×7

Whenever he calls you for something, don’t always say yes to him. Being always available for him could be misunderstood as you are crazy for him or you don’t have any significant goal in your life. In both the cases, you won’t get the value you deserve and wanted from him. He will be no more attracted to you and then don’t you ever think of being chased by him. This factor also work for making a man miss you.

3. Don’t give him everything of you

Letting him know everything about you during the initial stages of a new relationship may proved to be a mistake you are committing. The suspense you are creating in his mind about you, that could be a big factor in attracting him towards you. If he is interested in you and you are not letting him know much of the things about you then curiosity sentiment will work and he would chase you to know more of you. You need to give him something but not everything to make it work.

4. Don’t let him treat you as taken for granted

It’s very important to recognize when he treats you below than your worth e.g., as taken for granted, hurt you, making joke of you, mistreat you, etc. If he mistreats you, he would never chase you for any reason. First, you need to realize the real worth of yourself. If he is making fun of you it means he doesn’t respect you. If you are allowing him to treat you like that, he may not consider you worthy enough to start a relationship.

Whenever you feels that he is crossing his lines, you need to make the things very clear to get the respect and attention you deserve. Not accepting his bad behavior gives an implication that you expect yourself to be treated well. That way a good man would realize his fault and start seeing you as a high quality woman he may consider as his partner. And the chase begins…

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5. Don’t be an easy target to make him chase you

As I said above, men like to chase the hard and valuable target. You may be liking him very much but you doesn’t need to chase him and fall for him because this may throw off goals. It is a male psychology that men likes to chase the things which are hard to get. High quality men choose women who give value to themselves. You need to make your move rationally, if you become too unreachable, he may move away for other available options. And if you become so much easily available, he may get enough of you and lose interest.

6. Don’t get physical too early

First principle of getting chased by a man is not to give him enough so that he lose interest in you. If you get physical or have sex at your first date, that will ruin all your expectations. If you are seeking more time to understand each other to move to next steps, that will make him consider you as a high quality woman as he was looking for. That will compel him to compete for you and chase you.

These were the best working ways to make any man chase you like crazy. These are some of the best working psychological hacks through which you can thrive the feelings of your man for you. He will be thinking, remembering, missing, craving more of you whether you are around or apart. These always works in every case whether he is your newly found crush whom you met few days ago, or your boyfriend who may be losing interest in you, or your husband more of whose attention you want, or even when you want to get your ex back.

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