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Flirty Questions To Ask A Guy (Top 150 Questions)

Flirty questions to ask a guy could be an interesting way to engage him in a fun conversation. These may be a great help in the initial stage of a relationship when you know less about each other and wants to get involved with each other. When you got a crush and you want to break the silence of hesitation between you two, asking some funny & flirty question would be an easy way to make him talking and take interest in you.

In the initial phase of your relationship, you feels excited but as you know only a few things about each other which creates a blockage in opening up. It is also true that if you make the foundation strong then relationship lasts longer. So, its recommended to prosper the relationship in the initial stages which gives the most promising results later. An interesting and engaging conversation could be a way out. Flirty questions to ask a guy would do the work for you.

If you don’t have any idea what to ask him, don’t worry I’ve got you covered. Whether you are looking to start a conversation or want to know if he is interested in you, these fun questions would help you for sure. It is one of the best ways to get to know a guy and make him take interest in you is the use of some cute flirty questions to ask a guy. You can make him feel the heat of your feelings while keeping a lively environment around you, just by asking a perfect question.

150 Flirty Questions To Ask A Guy

We gathered the insights from some relationship experts and jotted down a list of questions for you to ask him. Below is a comprehensive list of flirty questions to ask a guy which are curated by keeping in mind a girl’s mindset for her crush.

Flirty Questions To Ask A Guy You Like

Flirty Questions To Ask A Guy You Like
Flirty Questions To Ask A Guy You Like

Below is a list of 20 flirty questions to ask a guy you like, choose yours:

1. What do you like the most about relationships? (Get a clue about what he wants from a relationship.)

2. What would you call a perfect date? (Get the idea about his choice which you need to take care of while dating.)

3. What is reason of you being still single? (Is there anything special he is looking for in a girl or he has some issue which you need to know.)

4. What do you look for in a girl to date? (This may give him a hint about you liking him and you also get a chance to know about his dream girl.)

5. What’s the best relationship lesson you learnt? (He may tell you an emotional issue he faced most of the times.)

6. What things to be tested before getting committed to each other? (This may let you know about the key points he is looking in a relationship before taking his next level step.)

7. How would you describe me? (If he likes you as a friend or something more.)

8. How would you describe yourself? (It will tell you what he thinks of himself.)

9. Are you an introvert or an extrovert? (His answer may help to get a deep understanding of him.)

10. What do you think, women want the most from a man? (How much and how accurate he understands women.)

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11. How would you describe marriage? (You need to know his view towards a committed relationship.)

12. Which color do you think suits me the best? (He giving due care to your dressing tells a lot.)

13. Why are you with me? (What is his center of attraction towards you?)

14. What type of girl would you call awesome? (The quality he may be looking in a girl, great hint for you.)

15. What do you think is the best stage in relationship for getting married? (You may get a hint about the traits of a sustainable relationship for him.)

16. How do you feel with me? (This looks flirty but may be useful.)

17. What was the first thing you noticed about me on our first meeting? (This may proved to be a great feature of yours which you can use.)

18. As per you, what’s the best place to have a first date? (Tells a lot about his personality. Is he a pure romantic person or some party people.)

19. Do you believe in true love? (His viewpoint about love would let you know more of his personality.)

20. What would be the first meal you like to cook for me? (Let you know about your importance for him and also his cooking skills :P)

Flirty But Interesting Questions To Ask A Guy

Flirty But Interesting Questions To Ask A Guy
Flirty But Interesting Questions To Ask A Guy

Below is a list of 10 interesting and flirty questions to ask a guy :

21. Did you ever cried when you was happy? (How emotional he is? If he is sentimental about relations, he would try his best to make the relationship work.)

22. Do you believe in long distance relationships? (If he is willing to sustain a long distance relationship, it means he wants to connect with his partner on a much deeper level.)

23. What is the best sign of a happy relationship? (Take note of the sign he see as a symbol of happy relationship.)

24. What’s the most embarrassing moment you had in your life? (May be something stupid, weird or crazy but if he shares with means you are close to him.)

25. Mention some of your features you feel insecure about? (You need to take care of those insecurities to make him comfortable.)

he likes you for sure

26. What type of emotional situations you faced most of the time in life? (What situations he cares about, what scares him, what makes him happy.)

27. Would you change your job and relocate to be with your love? (If he is giving priority to relationship over career or his ambitions are his first priority. )

28. What’s the best memory of your childhood? (Those are the cutest memories of life, knowing about those are fun.)

29. What’s the biggest regret you have about your past relationships? (You may learn about some of the mistakes you must avoid.)

30. How liberal are you in forgiving people? (If he is stubborn in forgiving people, you need to move cautiously.)

20 Flirty Questions To Ask A Guy

20 Flirty Questions To Ask A Guy
20 Flirty Questions To Ask A Guy

Below is a list of 20 flirty questions to ask a guy, make a selection :

31. Are you a virgin? (It could be a straight question but you deserve to know this.)

32. Which outfit would you like to see me in? (If he has imagined you in any special outfit, ignite that imagination again.)

33. What is your workout routine to get that amazing body? (Let him know that you admire and taking due interest in his body.)

34. What’s your weirdest thing about having sex? (May be he is having some past experience you need to know.)

35. What’s the best thing about women that turns you on? (That thing can help you out in attracting him more to you.)

36. Which one would you prefer, guy making the first move or the girl? (Let him tell his views about sexual dominance and freedom.)

37. How do you like to sleep, naked or with cloths? (Just for fun.)

38. What’s the most adventurous experience you had in your bed? (How deep bedroom experiences he has in his past which you can tolerate or not.)

39. How do you see me, as a friend or something more? (This may tell you a lot about his interest in you. Whether he consider you as his friend or you have a chance of becoming something more than a friend.)

40. How do you like me not wearing underwear? (How attentive he is towards your dressing style and sexiness.)

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41. What’s your ultimate fantasy? (Are there some matches between both of your wishes.)

42. Do you think you can satisfy me completely? (Take notes of his potential and willingness.)

43. Are you romantic? or naughty? or both? (Take clue of what he thinks of himself. This question would be very helpful in understanding him better.)

44. What is your favorite place to be kissed? (This may start a romantic conversation.)

45. Where would you like to kiss me on my body? (A series of question could be asked on the basis of his response.)

46. What would be your best way to seduce a woman? (Try to recall whether he has tried that best way to seduce you or not.)

47. What scene from a movie would you like to recreate? (Let him tell you about his interests, romance, sex, dating, adventure, etc.)

48. Who would you want to be tide up with for one whole day? (Who’s that person, it could be his best friend or girlfriend or celebrity.)

49. Which one do you like the most, boxers or briefs? (That’s flirty. Now be ready to answer a flirty question he may ask you.)

50. What would you do if I kiss you? (May be he reciprocate with a kiss or something else but you would come to know about his intentions for you.)

Very Funny Flirty Questions To Ask A Guy

Very Funny Flirty Questions To Ask A Guy
Very Funny Flirty Questions To Ask A Guy

Below is a list of 10 funny but flirty questions to ask a guy :

51. What is the secret of the great smile you have? (You are admiring him and showing that you are giving attention to him.)

52. Who was your first crush? (If he had any or you are the only one in his life.)

53. Tell me your best joke? (Get to know about his sense of humor, you can crack similar jokes to make him laugh.)

54. Is there anything crazy you always wanted to do? (Everybody has one crazy thing in life to do. Try to make him tell you that. If its something related with you, it means you have an important role in his life.)

55. What make you laugh the most? (Is that something real funny or an emotionally pleasant moment that may help you in understanding him better.)

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56. Which one would you like the most, at the beach or at the live concert? (Is he a ‘living the moment’ kind of guy or a fan of fast forward generation.)

57. Would you like to hang out with me this weekend? (It may be a direct question to ask you for dating but it may help him if he hesitate to ask you.)

58. What crime would you like to commit one day? (Is there any? Is that a real crime or some romantic one?)

59. What funny habit do you have? (It may be a chance for him to reveal his secret.)

60. Do you think people treat you as per the cloths you have? (What he thinks about how people specially women treated him because of his appearance.)

Fun Flirty Questions To Ask A Guy

Fun Flirty Questions To Ask A Guy
Fun Flirty Questions To Ask A Guy

Below is a list of top 10 funny flirty questions to ask a guy, choose yours :

61. What’s your favorite side of the bed when you are sleeping with someone? (Let him talk about some personal matters like bedroom stuff.)

62. What are the things, that scares you the most? (You may tell him yours and make the conversation more interesting.)

63. What’s the thing that makes you angry most of the time? (You need to take note of that and stay away from that.)

64. What’s your celebrity crush? (Its a classic topic to start conversation. You may ask about the feature of that celebrity that he like the most and may try to imbibe in your personality, if you find it right.)

65. Which one do you prefer, home cooked meals or going out for food? (If he likes home cooked meals more then you may invite him to taste your recipes.)

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66. Which one do you like the most, a hot tub or a shower? (Just to relax your curiosities.)

67. Which superpower would you prefer, X-Ray vision or being invisible? (He may tell you his naughtiest imaginations related with that superpower.)

68. Tell me the last thing that made you cry? (This may tell you about an important event of his life which matters a lot for him.)

69. Have you ever kissed someone? (These people you need to know about. He may reveal about his past relationship if he had.)

70. Can you share your social media passwords with me? (If he can share it means he is totally into you and don’t want to hide anything from you or he doesn’t have anything to hide.)

Flirty Questions To Ask A Guy On Tinder

Flirty Questions To Ask A Guy On Tinder
Flirty Questions To Ask A Guy On Tinder

Below is a list of 10 flirty questions to ask a guy on platforms like Tinder:

71. If you could do anything, what would you do? (He may tell you his naughtiest fantasy. Can you make it come true for him.)

72. Which is your preferred mode of communication, messages or calls? (If he prefers text over call but likes to call you is a sign that he is into you.)

73. Tell me a thing about yourself, you’re bad at? (You must know these things too.)

74. Are you obsessed with something? (It may be anything favorable for you and may help in your relationship.)

75. What’s your favorite memory? (Let him reveal certain aspects about his personality, can you create a similar memory with him.)

76. How do you view the world? (Its just a general question. He may reveal, how romantic he is or how imaginative he is.)

77. What’s the question, you always wanted to ask me? (If there is anything he is curious about you that means he is very much interested in you.)

78. Do you know, how much do you matter for me? (It would be a hint for him that you are also into him and require a positive response from him.)

79. Tell me a small pleasure you enjoy the most? (Do you or can you bring that pleasure in your relationship.)

80. How emotional are you? (Let him make some conversation about his feelings.)

Flirty Questions To Ask A Boyfriend

Flirty Questions To Ask A Boyfriend
Flirty Questions To Ask A Boyfriend

Below is a list of 10 interesting and flirty questions to ask a guy :

81. Do you fantasize about me? (He dreaming about you or making imaginations indicates that you attracts his attention a lot.)

82. Is there any person, you consider sexy? (That may be a celebrity or you or a person around you. It will give you a hint about what he considers sexy so you can move in that way.)

83. What excites you the most? (Learning about the things that make him excited may help you in keeping your relationship always lively.)

84. Do you find me cute or naughty? (How he see you and what’s the thing attracts him towards you.)

85. What’s the most romantic moment you’ve ever had? (Does he already experience the best or you have a chance of making it even better for him.)

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86. What’s the best thing or person in your life? (You need to know about the type of things and persons he values the most. It reveals important aspects about his personality which matters a lot in your relationship.)

87. At what stage in a relationship, you can trust your partner? (Did you attained that stage or you are close come under his circle of trust. If not what are the chances.)

88. How would you describe love? (How he defines love give you hints for making your relation even stronger.)

89. Do you feel comfortable to answer questions? (Try to know if he is liking your questions or getting bored.)

90. Can you see your spouse as your best friend? (What are your chances of becoming his spouse.)

Dirty Questions To Ask A Guy

Dirty Questions To Ask A Guy
Dirty Questions To Ask A Guy

Below is a list of 20 super flirty questions to ask a guy :

91. What in you that makes you a sexy man? (That quality he thinks himself is sexy and may wants to draw your attention to it.)

92. What is the reason of you being so handsome? (It’s a hint that you are attracted toward him, if he is also interested in you he would try to make a mark.)

93. What’s your favorite thing about women? (It would be a great hint for you about how he see a woman.)

94. What’s your view on a girl proposing you first? (Does he like a girl initiating a relationship or he thinks a different way.)

95. Which body part of women you like the most? (This may be something dirty or something very romantic.)

96. In a woman, what would you like the most, beauty or the brains? (A combination of both is an expected answer.)

97. What attracts you to a women? (Its a chance for you to improvise on this thing.)

98. What do you call a perfect kiss? (A kiss is an integral part of a romantic relationship, try to know his best way of doing it.)

99. Have you ever been caught nude by someone? (Let him be totally frank with you.)

100. What would you like to be called, sexy or smart? (Toward which of his feature, he wants to draw your attention to?)

101. Who do you admire the most? (Important information may proved to be helpful in understanding his likes and dislikes.)

102. Are you aware of your potential? (Does he thinks himself capable of accepting new or challenging things like relationship, commitments, life goals, etc.)

103. Do you believe in destiny? (A believer of destiny may proved to be a seeker of true love. You got a chance if you believe in it too.)

104. What’s your most favorite thing to do in life? (Is he an adventure lover or romantic person or ambitious by nature.)

105. What’s your plan for the rest of your life? (Find out your presence in his future.)

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106. What would be your dream life look like? (Do you have a chance of becoming the part of his dream life.)

107. Which superpower would you like to have? (This could be a pure fantasy but he may connect this with you if he is interested in you.)

108. Do you have a secret? Can you tell me? (Try to know about anything he has in his heart which may affect your relationship.)

109. What do you wish, your ideal life would have been like? (Is he already living his perfect life, if not how could you make it possible for him.)

110. Who’s the one, you hate but act nicely? (That may be his boss. Try to retrieve the qualities he hates and stay away from those.)

Flirty Questions To Ask Your Crush

Flirty Questions To Ask Your Crush
Flirty Questions To Ask Your Crush

Below is a list of 10 flirty questions to ask a guy who is your crush :

111. Which one thing would you like to change about you? (Is there anything he thing he lacks.)

112. What is your goal of life? (Does he wants to live a simple life or he is an ambitious man. Does he matches your parameters.)

113. Do you think your family would like me? (It may be used as a hint that you are looking forward to meet his family members.)

114. Could money be a problem in relationship for you? (Love or money, its a classic problem occurs in most relations. Make sure about yours.)

115. How spiritual you are? (A spiritual person is usually calm by nature and always open to work out the things before losing them.)

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116. Do you have anything that would surprise me about you? (You are giving him a chance of telling all the secrets that he wants to tell you but couldn’t.)

117. What’s the thing that scares you most of the time? (It may be a silly thing or may be some situation he’s emotionally connected with.)

118. If you could spend an entire day with someone, who would be that person? (If that is you than its a go sign to move forward and take the next step.)

119. What’s your favorite romantic movie? (Do you both have anything common? Can you recreate a romantic scene from that movie?)

120. What’s the one thing, if I do that, it would make you hate me? (Try to stay away from that or try to make him clear if he is taking things otherwise.)

Flirty Questions To Ask A Guy You Just Met

Flirty Questions To Ask A Guy You Just Met
Flirty Questions To Ask A Guy You Just Met

Below is a list of 10 flirty questions to ask a guy you just met, choose wisely for a great relationship:

121. What do you want in a relationship the most? (It’ll let you know about that secret element he wants in a relationship to let the magic work.)

122. What would be a perfect gift for you in a relationship? (That would be very helpful for you. It may be an actual gift or he may be expecting some action/emotion from your side to make this relationship successful.)

123. Have you ever dreamed about me? (Seeing you in his dreams is a strong sign that he likes you more than just a friend and you have a special place in his heart.)

124. Does your friend’s opinion matter with respect to your relationship? (If the answer is yes than its a sign that he keeps friendship before relationship which may affect you adversely in future.

125. How do you feel in my company? (Does he feel comfortable with you or feel himself spiritually relaxed with you. This talks about various levels of depth he feels with you.)

signs he doesn't want a relationship with you

126. What’s the best complement you’ve ever got? (You may take the advantage of his answer and make him feel special about the same thing.)

127. Do you like to be dominant or submissive in a relationship? (You need to know if he wants to be a dominant partner or want to give equal importance to the other partner in relationship.)

128. Are you going to ask me out or I have to make the move? (Its like you are asking him to ask you out but seems interesting.)

129. What’s the best complement you’d like to give me? (What is the best thing in you he admires.)

130. If you want to go on a date with me, how would you proceed? (Look for his move he is actually trying to make.)

Subtle Flirty Questions To Ask A Guy

Subtle Flirty Questions To Ask A Guy
Subtle Flirty Questions To Ask A Guy

Below is a list of 10 subtle flirty questions to ask a guy, choose wisely to know him better:

131. What’s the most adventurous thing you’ve done in life? (Knowing about what excites him the most may help you in creating some memorable experiences.)

132. Would you like to go out with me this weekend? (It is you asking him but his response would tell you a lot about his views for you.)

133. Where do you enjoy more, inside your house or going out? (Introvert or extrovert, you may help him feel the other side of life which he had never experienced. By doing it you create some unforgettable memories for him to keep you remember and close to his heart.)

134. Whats your best way of getting relaxed? (It may be some kind of hobby, you may join him also. Spending time with him while he is relaxed would make you to come closer with each other.)

135. What you are passionate about in your life? (How you can help him doing the thing he’s passionate about.)

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136. What kind of memories would you like to make together with your partner? (If he tells you this, it’s a clear sign that he is interested in you. Take a note of his answer and check the chances of making those memories.)

137. What would be that one place, you’d like to be at least once in your lifetime? (What could be that place.)

138. What excites you the most? (Can you relate to that to increase his attraction for you.)

139. Where is your happy place to chill? (Whatever may be that place, try to be with him if possible.)

140. Did I ever made you nervous? (If you did made him nervous about you, means your presence may be something which he never experienced and special for him.)

Flirty Questions To Ask A Guy Over Text

Flirty Questions To Ask A Guy Over Text
Flirty Questions To Ask A Guy Over Text

Below is a list of 10 flirty questions to ask a guy over text messages:

141. When’s the last time you felt excited? (Discussion of the events can make the chat even longer and interesting.)

142. What would you choose between money and love? (Which one he would prefer is something worth to know about.)

143. Do you find movie couples realistic? (If he believes in the existence of romantic scenes in real life, he is a romantic person.)

144. Do you believe in love at first sight? (If he has experienced ever or he might have felt this when he firstly met you.)

145. What do you think is the most valuable thing in a relationship? (Take care of that thing. You may also use it to make the things work.)

146. How long was your previous relationship last? (Was it short or long? Why did he broke up? Did he tried enough to make the things work?)

147. What’s the best sign to detect love between two persons? (Detect this in your relationship. If not yet, what are the chances.)

148. Do you see me in your future? (If yes, he is looking for long lasting relationship with you.)

149. Are you hopeful about your love life? (What are his expectations from your relationship. Are you looking for the same.)

150. What do you look for in your partner? (Its a direct signal about your intentions.)

Which Flirty Questions To Ask A Guy You Like?

Which Flirty Questions To Ask A Guy You Like?
Which Flirty Questions To Ask A Guy You Like?

All the above stated question may help you in the best possible way only if asked at the right time, right mood and at the right place. You neither have to ask all of them nor in the given sequence. You have to judge the current situation of your relationship on that basis make a best possible selection of questions to be asked. Whether you are just starting up or trying to strengthen the relationship, this comprehensive list of questions would help you a lot.

Understand the stage of relationship in which currently you are, set a mood in your conversation and pour in your questions in a way that it doesn’t feel ‘planned’ and feels obvious. Here is our guide to make a perfect selection of flirty questions to ask a guy:

1. Understand Your Relationship Situation

Before you start picking the questions, you need to understand the present stage of your relationship. Are you just friends currently and started to get attracted to each other or this is your first date, having a nice lively conversation is good to thrive the relationship. You already have been dating and its your 4th or 5th date, its a chance for you to have fun and understand each other better. If you are already committed to each other, having a flirty conversation would still be a good idea to increase intimacy and fun in the relationship.

You firstly need to determine the current phase of relationship and decide where would you want to take it to. If you think you understands him better then you can try moderate flirt or even dirty questions also. If you are not aware of his nature and wants to know more of him, you may try having simple and funny conversation.

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2. Start The Conversation With Complete Intention

Never start a conversation in a confusing state of mind. Get yourself ready with an intent of asking him some flirty questions to spend a good time with the guy you like. Be ready with some of the starter questions and shoot them when you think the timing is perfect. Don’t be limited to just asking questions, get his response and try to make the conversation longer by asking more counter questions or by discussing your own experiences related to the questions. The more you involve him in the conversation, the more you get to know about each other and this may let him feel the magic that you are feeling.

3. Build The Background

Try to make the entire conversation a beautiful experience for you both. For that you need to set the background and mood towards the type of question you want to ask. If your questions are going to be very personal, it would be better you find a place such as a less crowded restaurant where you can live the moments. May be he is not in a mood to laugh but can make him smile by asking some fun and interesting questions at the beginning and start flirting when he gets back on track.

Don’t try to ask the questions just opposite to the stream of talks, try to divert the conversation towards the topic of your choice to have the expected outcome of the complete exercise.

4. Start With Some Suitable Questions

When you have the perfect mood and timing, shoot your questions but go slow to make him feel comfortable. All this should look natural and not as a planned event. Try to be involved as well as get him involved in the talks so shall tell you the things and experiences by himself. Try to stretch a question to its maximum and end it by connecting with the next question. In the beginning, you just need a few flirty questions to ask a guy and most of the questions would automatically come out of the given answers.

5. Enjoy The Vibe

While asking the question, don’t turn on your investigation mode. You don’t have to worry at all because the real thing would come out automatically. Remember, you are trying to make the environment light and make your guy feel a friendliness with you. Just enjoy the vibes and a nice experience would take place in the form of a flirty conversation. Don’t overthink everything, if you truly like him and understands him, your heart would automatically detect if his response is good for your relationship or not.

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I have given a comprehensive list of flirty questions to ask a guy which suits every mood and situation. You just have to choose some as per your suitability. The main purpose is to get involved, increase intimacy, know each other, reveal some secrets, get a little closer and to fill some bold colors into the relationship. Don’t try to rush the things, take your time. Perfect situation and timing is very important in making every relationship successful.

These flirty questions to ask a guy may help you to get answers about many other questions like:

he likes you for sure

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