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Does He Love Me? Signs That Tell You All

Does he love me? If you are in a romantic relationship, whether since many years or you just fall in love with your man; sooner or later you would be searching the answer for this question. It is not that much hard to determine if you’ve won his heart?

He may be understanding you more than you. He might be able to recognize your emotions without telling him. Both of you might have spent lot of ‘quality time’ together. He has done things for you which he doesn’t do for other, that make you feel you’re so special for him.

Still, you need to be confirmed about his feeling about you. Whether he cares for you or this feeling has entered crossed the line of love. You can get confirmed about this so easily by asking him, but it is not that simple. Asking him could be a theoretical solution for this query but not at all practical.

Because love and emotions are some of the most complex things in the world which cannot be easily categorized as Yes or No. Asking him this direct question, does he love me? attracts a lot of risk.

Biggest risk involved in direct question includes, risk of getting rejected. He might be caring for you as his closest friend in the universe but hadn’t detected love. In this situation, asking him for his love might end everything when you are so close.

You may be scared of the uncertainty of his response, that’s why you are here. To get an easy answer, you may flip the coin or pluck the flower petals away. But there are more reliable and logical ways to find the accurate answer without asking him directly.

There are different signs, by observing which one can make certain estimate about the feelings of her special one. It is still more important to look for these signs when he has given an affirmative answer to you. Because a guy may be loving you but unable to say it, and a guy may not be loving you at all but boasting that he does. Action speaks louder than words. The Gottman Method of psychology theory also support this.

Only his actions and emotions can make you feel and to believe that he actually loves you. These signs also helps you to determine how truly and intensely he loves you which must be known in any relation to make any commitment.

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If you’ve been wondering about ‘does he love me?’ since a long time, I have put a detailed list of discussed signs below, which you will find accurate and so relatable but you have never took them seriously. Otherwise you’ve already found your answers and never came here. So, good luck, check for the following signs and be sure about him:


1. He doesn’t treat other girls this way

does he love me

He must be having other female friends also, his behavior towards other girls need to be observed in order to interpret his emotions towards you. It is to be observed that how he make interactions with other girls and how you two interact with each other.

His interaction with other girls says a lot about him. How does he talk to them, his eye contact, his body language with them, everything says something about his character. Their interactions should be compared with the interactions between you and him. If you find similarity in his behavior toward you and other, then it’s a sign of caution. May be you misunderstood about your relationship or he is a playboy.

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But if you two are having more emotionally intense time with each other, it’s a positive sign. It means that your relationship has deeper bonding and you are special for him also. This opens ways for future possibilities in your relationship. If you are special for him, that means he likes you more than others. He may be either in love with you or he see your friendship at that level which is just next to love. This can help you to get an affirmative answer for your thought: Does he love me?

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2. The Love Body Language

does he love me

By noticing his body language, you can find out the answer of your biggest question: Does he love me?

Nicholas Sparks said “It’s actions, not words, that matter”. By observing someone’s body language sharply, you can find out the hidden truth behind that person’s statements or behavior. He can hide his bad character behind his sweet behavior and talking to an extent but his body language will reveal the real truth.

All the investigating agencies find this as a crucial method to come to any conclusion by observing the body language of culprit and the victim. Yes, interpreting someone’s body language is not lesser than a ‘lie detector test’. Sometimes, while communicating with someone, you get many clues from his body language which are far important than the words coming out of his mouth.

If you observe him closely, you will notice some physical or behavioral actions which he make in different situation. Like getting nervous while telling a lie, not making eye contact when feeling guilty, showing less confidence when boasting, etc. If you can notice these little aspects, then it is not hard for you to differentiate between truth and lie. And you can recognize the person who loves you the most.

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3. He try his best to make it work

hero instinct

If a student is committed toward her education, she will try her best in exams and will never leave hope. But if she is having ‘Plan-B’ or other alternate options, then she may take the exams lightly. If you are 100% committed toward something, you will give your best to achieve that goal without having any alternative in your mind.

Similarly, in a relationship you give it your all and don’t give up until you succeed. You can’t think of a second plan or alternative because love is absolute which doesn’t have alternatives. You will chase your love till the end but can’t accept of slipping it away from your hands.

This never defeating attitude can be expected from any true lover. Same way, if your special one loves you truly, he will try his best to get your love. He may be saying that he loves you but doesn’t trying enough to make you feel special then it isn’t real love.

He may be trying effortlessly or find it inconvenient or too hard to chase your love or doesn’t want to put everything on stake because he is himself not confident. Such type of sentiment is not true love or it may be love but it will not last long.

True lovers doesn’t care for the probability of success because they try their best till they find even a single chance and they give up only after giving it their best. If he loves you, he’ll make the time to be with you, even if it’s hard.

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4. He misses you a lot when you’re apart

how men fall in love

True love gets tested when lovers are apart. Love also gets deeper when you are apart. Your true lover will love you and show his love to you when you are with him or nearby. He will always try to make you feel special.

He will still try to feel special even when you are apart. Love is a beautiful and an intense feeling of happiness, livelihood and emotional satisfaction. Love is never limited by boundaries. Successful long distance love is a good example of this. Even when you are apart, he will still be loving you, care for you, thinking about you and find different ways to connect with you.

He will call and text you to ask your wellbeing. He will be sharing important and special events happened with him during the day which he thinks you will be interested in. Many things or events will remind him of you. These ways of connecting with you are so usual and natural that you will find everything just perfect.

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But if he disappear from your life when you are apart for some days and when you comes back, he says ‘sorry’ and give you some common reason then you must rethink on your question: Does he love me?

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5. He take care of every detail about you

how to ask a guy out

He not only take care of every tiniest detail about you but always keep in his mind. He listens to you, he respect what you say, he notice your responses to different things and make his plans according to your suitability. He notes every single word you say about yourself, your likes and your dislikes.

When you are with him, he gives complete attention to you. He always let you speak freely about yourself because he wants to know more of you and want to store that information in his mental directory. He never interrupts you and grab every little fact of your life.

He used to find similarities between both of your lives. If he takes good care of you and every aspect related with your life then it is a getting closer to a positive response to your question: Does he love me?

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6. He’s connected to you emotionally

how to make him miss you

Generally people gets attracted to each other due to their physical appearances. But getting attracted for physically appearance is not the only criteria of true love. You might have heard of that many times people accepts each other without seeing and get into a relationship.

Love is something which is more deeper than physical acceptance. Your true love will be mentally connected to you. It is true that physical appearance is important for everyone but true lovers see the more insight into their relationship. You must find emotional similarities between both of you. Being emotionally connected means he understands your feelings, care for those, never hurt you and he also find a comfortable space around you.

If he understand your emotions and cares for your sentiments then it maybe a go sign for you to move forward. Physical attraction is the base for beginning of most of the relationships but it is not the only base on which you can go further in your relationship. If he is attracted to you due to your physical appearance and not interested in your emotions and feeling, this should cause to raise your eyebrows and you need to think more seriously that does he love me?

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7. He helps you love yourself for as you are

undeniable signs that he likes you

You are not perfect just as anybody else in this world and he doesn’t care about it. He accepts you as you really are. Sometime you hide something about your nature from friends because you might be thinking that it may give a wrong impression about you. But you feel extremely comfortable when you are around your man and you don’t want to hide any aspect of your nature from him.

He has already observed you so deeply that all your unlovable acts are caught by him. He knows your true self which he has always appreciated. That is why you are not afraid to be the person which you really are. There are some moments for which you feel embarrassed but he doesn’t make you to feel that.

May be you usually keep your wet cloths or towel on your bed or keep your room so unorganized. There may be many such things which he may not like about you but he know all those and care about those. He may feel naughty about some and used to enjoy those or if he thinks some of those acts needs to be corrected, he will suggest you.

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He knows every part of you and also seen you at your worst. He also know about your weaknesses but he will always try to support you in improving those areas. And want you to be confident about yourself. He loves you for everything related to you.

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8. Love and Jealousy

love and jealousy

Jealousy is a natural feeling inherent in human beings. One will feel jealous when he see the chance of losing an important relationship. It apply in love relations the most than any other relationship. He will feel jealous when he see you giving more importance to other man than him. In most of these situations he will approach you to interrupt your conversation. He may not express his jealousy but his actions and behavior speaks louder than his words.

If you are wondering, does he love me or not: you need to notice his behavior when you are giving more importance to other man than you give him. You may use this as a testing tool to check his emotions for you.

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9. You find him sneaking peeks at you

does he love me

If he is attracted to you and love you the most then you must find him sneaking peeks at you many times. You may be in a lonely room or at a crowded place but he will watch for you and your activities. It is the first sign of attraction. He is attracted to you and never attracted to someone else like this.

You can say that it is a very general sign to recognize someone’s attraction toward you. Yes, it is but it is also an important sign because if he is making such moves, it means he is seeing ‘something’ special in you which he has never seen in anyone else. If he can’t take his eye off you, it is definitely noticeable by you.

Then you should try to analyze the way he looks at you. Is he attracted to me? Does he love me? Does he just giving me looks? Other signs mentioned on this page will help you to find all your answers.

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10. Your happiness is important for him

how to make him want you

If he loves you then he will value your happiness. He will go out of his way to make you happy and comfortable. If you call for his help, he will drop his most important program to help you out. Wherever he may be but for you he will be available always. He will find a way to help you out by any means. He will always work for your happiness. He will send you funny jokes related to you, he will act funny when you are around, he will always try to create a happy environment when both of you are together. He will try to make you happy every hour.

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11. He shares his problems and wants your advice about his life

If he loves you, he will be trusting you for his life. He dill be discussing his life matters with you. He want your advice for his personal matters. He wants to include you in his decisions. He will ask for your opinion in various matters because he trust your sense of decision making. If you are wondering, does he love me or not? then look for what he shares with you. If he is always in need of your advice for all types of problem then it is a strong sign of his trust and love.

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12. He lets you enter his life

does he love me

People don’t let everybody to have access of their personal life. If he is letting you to enter his life, it means something. If he is letting you to enter his world and not hiding any part of it from you then he is surely into the real relationship.

He wants you to get into his personal space, similarly he also wants to get into your personal life. If you are in a relationship since a long time and still not sure about naming this feeling and frequently asking yourself: does he love me? then you need to check into his personal life to search the possibilities of love. You may find some proof of his emotions related to you.

Similarly, you need to let him enter your personal space. If you let him enter into your personal life, he may be able to express his feeling more clearly. You may get the response you are looking for. Love is a personal feeling and people mostly keep it secret in their personal spaces. You can not find it in his public profile. Both of you need to share your feelings with each others.

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13. He is also wondering as you are

He may be wondering about do you love him? as you are wondering about him does he love me?

It is very much possible that several things are common for both of you in this relationship as both of you are going through the same emotions. Having love relation is a very big change in life. Many people feel nervous about it which might have experienced. He might be feeling nervous or scared to ask you directly. He may ask you different indirect questions. If you analyze his acts and emotions correctly, you can find it easily.

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14. He always makes you feel special

If he truly loves you, he will see you as the most special person in his life. This emotion can be easily seen in his acts. He will complement you for every good thing you do. He will cheer you in all odd situations. He will help you to overcome all your weaknesses.

He helps you to feel special about yourself too. He also observe positives in every negative thing about you. You will start to see yourself as a person which he is seeing in you.

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15. He adopting your nature

does he love me

He like you so much that he starts to adopting many acts and behavioral aspects of your nature. He might have started to wear same colors as you do or started to pray to God before sleep. Many other acts he might have started to mimic. You need to observe those imitations of you. He is trying to copy your acts and behavior to make you comfortable with him and he himself like them. If it is happening, it is a good sign that he is in love with you because he will not imitate your actions in his behavior just to impress you.

16. He wants to be close to you

He always want to be close to you not only physically but mentally too. He always want to be more closer to you than anybody else could be. At any places such as restaurant, movie theatre, class or at a party you will find him just next to you or nearby. This is his way of expressing himself and to take care of you and your happiness. He will always try to be in your mind by sending good morning/night messages. He will try to create memorable events in your life to make a place in your memory for always.

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17. He shows his true self to you

Men don’t show their true selves to everyone. Only the closed ones are aware of everything about them. If he loves you, he feels comfortable about himself when he is around you. He don’t show any false action which is not natural to his behavior. He is not afraid of getting exposed to you for any personal matter. Your presence make him feel safe. If this is the case, he will let you know everything about him without hesitation.

18. He includes you in future plans and decisions

does he love me

It is another important sign, if you are asking yourself: does he love me?

He may be playing as just your friend or may be committed to you. But if he is committed to you in this relationship, he must be making some future plans along with you and he will also share those plans with you. Those plans may be about going for a vacation together or to start some partnership business in the future. These are just some of the examples, it could be anything related to both of you.

He will do that because he see you as a part of his life. He wants to check in into your personal space and want to get included in your plans also. Whether you are planning for weekend or taking your career decisions, he wants to be involved in every matter related to you. Similarly, if he is planning his vacations, he will include you in it.

He will also take your advice while taking big decisions of his life, e.g., related with his business, family, health, daily routines, etc. It is another way of showing you that how important you are for him. He is not hiding anything from you. He is not afraid to reveal any of his personal matters. Even he will be happy if you give your input in those matters because he trust and believes in you.

19. He started noticing annoying things about you

There will be many times when men and women feel the differences in their thinking. It is because the brain architecture is different for both genders. As per a scientific study related with human biology; the neural system in our brain which helps in working of human emotions, is much bigger in a female body as compared to male. So, due to such biological differences, you both may fight over many common and small things but it doesn’t mean there is no love between both of you.

Even, it may be a sign that both of you are taking this relationship so naturally that you love each other simultaneously you also criticize each other. Because he understands you so much that he is confident enough that you won’t leave him for his criticism. It may be seen as the advance stage of love.

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In the starting of relationship, he was trying to please you and was only talking about good things about you. Love blinds us from seeing the annoyances in each other. He was carefully handling bad and annoying things about you because he was afraid to lose you even before starting of anything.

But now when he understands you much clearly and started to relax in this relationship, when he observe any annoying thing about you, he will interrupt you, sometime even criticize you. You should not take this negatively but analyze this behavior properly and ask yourself again: does he love me? and you may get your answer.

20. He wants to spend time with you

A man who is in love, forgets almost everything but his love. He will have just one priority, that’s you. To hang out with you, he can avoid his friends which may sometimes annoy them. He wants to be with you for the most of time as he can be. He wants to known you and understand you much deeper. He will suddenly lose interest in all other activities which going on in his life and his complete concentration is on you.

He will make plans to spend his weekends with you. He may also plan to go on vacation trips with you. Whether it is about this weekend or for the next year, if both of you are planning a vacation together, it’s a sign that both of you are in love.

To be with you, he can even cancel his other plans. He might have planned something else but if you ask him to go for a movie, he can cancel his own plans even at the last moment. When you are thinking: does he love me? you need to check for this sign.

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If he wants to spend his time with you at the cost of his personal plans, he may be want to spend rest of his life with you. It gives him happiness and comfort. He is enjoying the time when you are around. He wants to maximize this duration. Making future plans together is always a good sign for a healthy relationship. It means he is making room for you in his life and he values to do things together.

21. He “Says” he loves you, without saying it

You are asking yourself: does he love me? because either he never told you verbally or you want to be sure about his words. In both of these cases, you can get your answer by observing him closely.

Many times, love is not expressed by word, it is expressed by behavior and feelings. You don’t always need to look for those magical words only. May be he is saying it all by his acts, expression and behavior. He may be a shy person or himself felling the risk of getting rejected by saying it directly.

If you observe him nicely, you will find your answer. The way he talks to you. How he cares about you. The way he looks at you. These are the indirect intimations he is sending to you. This may be his own way of saying how much he loves you. But if he is not saying it in words due to any reason, it doesn’t mean that he is not in love with you.

You don’t need to wonder so much about this question. The answer will naturally come to you if you understands his feelings. You need to focus on the message he wants to convey without saying it to you. You need to get inside his head and figure out the whole thing.

22. He is always available for you

does he love me

You need to observe his reaction when you are asking for his help. A loving men will always be there for you when you need him. Whenever you are in trouble and searching for some help, you will always find him standing by your side. If you ask him for some help, he may be doing something important, he will drop that thing and will be ready to help you.

23. He gets involved in your life

He includes you in his future plans and all important decisions only because he wants to be a part of your life. He wants to life a part of your life that is why he is spending his time with you. He also spend time with your family and your friends, as he also give importance to them. That’s not all, he also expect you and your dear ones to accept him as one of you. He wants you all to like him in the same way as he does.

Along with you, he will try to do many things which he has never done before. He may not be interested in some of those things but he will do it just because you like those. For example he may join a dance class only because you like to dance and he wants to spend maximum of his time with you. He is attracted to you and taking interest in your life because he just wants to be a part of your life.

When you are struggling through this question: does he love me? Then you should watch for how much he is taking interest in you, your life, your friends/family and matters related to you. Recognizing this factor will help you a lot in taking decisions pertaining to your relationship and future course of actions.

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24. He trust you to share everything

As he wants to get involved in your life, he wants you to include in his life also. When you meet someone for the first time, he will not reveal everything about himself. He will keep some things secret from you. But after spending some time with you, he will start to show himself to you. It is one of an important sign that he is in love with you.

Basically, men are are not comfortable to talk about their weaknesses and emotions. But if your man is talking this to you it means you are having special place in his heart. Men usually talk about their strengths, power and each of that thing which proves their heroism. They think, talking about their feelings and weaknesses will lower their image in the eyes of their girl.

For him it needs courage, a sense of belongingness and strong sense of comfort which make him to reveal everything to a girl including the worst memory of his life. If he share everything to you, it means he is not afraid to answer any of your question about him because he trust you for everything. Next time when you ask yourself: does he love me? you need to measure the amount of trust he has on you and how much open he is to you.

25. He is your shield

does he love me

As per one study published in the Physiology & Behavior journal shows that males feel protective over their partner’s protection. Which scientifically proves that males are naturally possessive and protective for their partner. He will guard you against all odds of life. It is inherent in the male biology to provide safety to his partner. This sentiment is known as hero instinct.

This protective psychology is not limited to protection from physical danger but it also includes fighting the negative emotions emerging in the relationship. This hero instinct support you to against any physical harm as well as any situation which may become a cause to dilute your happiness.

He will always try to raise your confidence against your weak points. If you have any weakness, he will always try to support you to defeat your odds. He wants to be your hero in all walks of life. He see himself as your protector. A women can easily trigger this hero instinct in a man.

Yes, it is also true that no women wants a protector in today’s age as they are self dependent. But this hero instinct is inherent in the male biology and it is very natural for them to prove themselves as your hero. So, when you are asking yourself: does he love me? you must need to observe this factor in him.

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26. You are his priority

By observing his actions and reactions to different situations and events, you can find out whether he values you or not. Because you are not the only one in his life but he still considers you as his first priority. He has to take care of other things and people like, family, friends, job, career, health, etc. but he keeps you above all and prioritize you over the others. He will show you that he values you and you are his first priority.

It is an important sign which must be noticed to determine your importance in his eyes. From the day one he met you, your importance to him is increasing with the time. Now he started to give you more time than anyone else. He has started leaving his priorities and wants to make you feel special. Now he is ready to accept inconvenience in order to make you comfortable and happy. Sometime he will even refuse to go somewhere that is important for him, just because you needed his help.

When he loves you, he will make time for you out of his busyness just because he wants to spend more of time with you. When you see this happening, you also used to start claiming your possession or right over him.

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Does he love me? or doesn’t?

I hope the signs listed above will help you to find out if he really loves you or not. He may be loving you a lot but not saying a word or he may be saying that he loves you but not at all backed by his actions.

In order to help you to take the right decision, I have mentioned these signs and also explained why they are important so that you can assess the gravity of emotions of your man. These actions and behaviors are unbiased and hard to be faked. You just need to keep in mind these signs and your mind will let you know the intensity of his love for you.

He may not have recognized himself that he loves you or not, then you may get a negative answer if you ask him directly. Hence, it becomes important to observe his behavior for these signs. These 26 signs will help you to recognize his true feelings for you.

Relationship psychologist James Bauer’s has published his new video in which he talks about these natural biological instincts in more detail which is easy to understand. In this video, James reveals a relationship “secret” which is known to only a few women in the world.

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